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Drill, baby, drill!

Government now owns 2 of the big 3. Each will make smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. The government is trying to make sure that gas prices keep increasing to make sure those cars are "what Americans want to buy".


I'm afraid the fix is already in.


But higher fuel prices will hurt the economy, and will hurt the poorest among us the hardest.


For the love of God, just let us drill here and drill now to lower the burden on everyone. Stop this ideaology-driven policy of making sure energy prices increase so that people will cut back on energy use and thereby curb man-bear-pig, warming, uh...climate change.


You are hurting the economy, and especially the poor. Stop it!


Let us use our resources for the good of all. Let us increase our manufacturing capacity, not reduce it or outsource it to other countries.


Drill, baby, drill.


Oh, and NO on cap and tax!



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