Making Government Operations More Open

Dismantle the CIA

13. Dismantling of the CIA: I demand that the CIA be dismantled as ineffective tool of government. Much of the discontent associated with other countries anger toward the United States, can often be attributed to the CIA actions to their country. This is coined as “blowback.” When was the last time that this agency stood up and justified its existence? Why didn’t the CIA warn President George W. Bush about the growing concern of terrorism?

The CIA has a long history of violating its founding charter, simply Google “CIA Family Jewels.” In the CIA’s mission statement says that this private organization can not operate within the boundaries of the United States of America. Former governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota in a video statement said that there was implanted CIA agents within his state government at a level that does not change from governor to governor. (Ventura, 2008) Mr. Ventura also stated that he did not know if all fifty states had a CIA operative implanted within their respective capital buildings, but wouldn’t doubt if they did. I take this moment to honor Mr. Ventura, you are a brave American to speak out for what you know is right and honorable, and I only wish more politicians had the balls to do the same.



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