Making Government Operations More Open

Discontinue chilling gov't actions on civilian Internet activities and journalism

by restoring FISA protections that require warrants before surveilling communications between U.S. citizens. The "Cybersecurity Czar" Pres. Obama appointed resigned in protest because he claimed the NSA was refusing to pass on his recommendations for protecting the privacy of citizens using the Internet, and was creating a situation that threatened to treat all Internet communications, including communications with journalists as open to surveillance w/o distinction.

Why Is This Idea Important?

This interferes w/ important whistleblower activities and revelations of gov't malfeasance to the general public. Whistleblowers who need to remain anonymous because they have a legitimate fear of retaliation, will be stymied. The whole purpose of transparency is to promote accountability. Gov't spying discourages revelations that may be important for that accountability.



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