Making Government Operations More Open

Disclosure of Extra-Terristrial Presence & Technology

Dear President Obama,


As you have witnessed during the Presidential campaign, the subject of UFOs and ET's is no longer ridiculed and is taken very seriously by the public.


Please allow your agencies (NASA, NSA, DNI, DOD, FBI, CIA, etc.) to collaborate their efforts and begin a series of public briefings to better educate and inform the public. The majority are already de-sensitized on the subject via whistle-blower testimonies, Hollywood movies, TV documentaries and the internet that such a disclosure effort would prove beneficial rather than cause histeria.


Please allow the publication of clean technology so that the world's demand on fossil fuels is reduced.


Please provide transparency on the extra-terrestrial presence, the galactic community, UFO crash site investigations, the abduction treaty, black budgets, etc.


Please consider working with Gary McKinnon to strengthen the DOD's online security instead of placing him on trial for accessing information that should have been brought to the public's attention to begin with.


Please have NASA disclose true, un-edited data and information regarding it's secret space fleet, our solar system (inc. our Moon, Mars, Venus, etc.), pre-existing and planned base camps, ET collaborations and research into past civilizations including ancient texts.


Mr. President, please try your absolute best at opening up this fundamental area, as it brings with it a multitude of benefits to the American people and the world community.



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