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Direct Challange & Demand to OBAMA & his Cronies

Senate & Congress should refuse to follow or obey any orders from Obama until he produces 4 major items of information publicly & not secretly.


(1) Release Legal Official Birth Cirtificate from Hawaii from 1961, no Certificate of Live Birth, anyone can get those !

(2) All college entrance papers & transcripts.

(3) Proof of registration for the DRAFT (all Americans had to register especially voted in Officials such as Senators & Congressmen). No draft registration means he is not an American.

(4) Proof of Passport papers used for Obama's international travels. All Documents will be shown !


Refusal to do these few things will constitute his willingness to commit Harmful acts & possible Treason against the USA.


Note: All Officials involved in making sure information was covered up & helped Obama obtain the Office of President illegally will be stripped of USA Citizenship & cast out of the USA & forever bared from re-entry



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