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Making Government Operations More Open

Did you vote for Obama?

Being Pro-Life is being Pro-God

My name is David Craig Mastrianni, and I want the world to know and God to know that I am pro-life. I think killing babies of all colors and races in the name of abortion is monstrous, and one of the highest evils any person can commit. You can be forgiven if you had an abortion just by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and then to confess your sins to God, and ask HIM to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.



Did you vote for Obama?

If you voted for Obama and you are a Christian, then you really need to repent for your vote and ask God to not hold you accountable for all of the abortions and other ungodly sins Obama hands will touch in the years to come. You must truly repent, turn away from that way of thinking, and stand up for the life of Gods babies, the unborn. The act of late term abortion is another issue at the hands of Obama, you will really need to get with your pastor, or church, and ask them how to be cleansed from this sin. You should be forgiven according to the bible and Gods standards, but within this issue is a serious repentance of killing, voting for, and being a part of such a horrific form of murder against the unborn.


Silent Screams

Their silent screams are heard by God and sometimes the mother, but know one thing, DO NOT TAKE IT CASUALY THE NEXT TIME YOU VOTE. That baby that just had it head and arms torn off by a late term abortion was created by God, and was an innocent eternal being. Surly God does not look on the killing and murder of HIS babies without some form of reaping what you have sown. Though your hands may not have directly killed one of Gods innocent, your lips and your fingers did when you voted for Obama. Do you think for one minute that an excuse of “it was time for a black president,” will suffice for an excuse before God in regards to killing HIS innocent kids, the innocent blood of a defenseless child?



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