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Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and other mental illnesses can be cured naturally

Dear Barack:


I am a person that, by my own efforts, overcame bipolar disorder via natural means in the late 1990's. In doing so, I learned how to properly treat both depression and bipolar disorder in most persons that are so afflicted. (My knowedge in these two regards is "world leading", and it has been world leading for over nine years.)


In 2004, I taught my (then thirteen year old) son Willy how to cure himself in regard to his ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms, and weak and sickly childhood health.


Willy has generated a recovery story that "the whole world needs to hear". As a result of some simple biological knowledge that I taught him on weekends and his own efforts (I am a non-custodial father), Willy went from a "basket-case child", both mentally and physically, to one of the healthiest, happiest, and strongest young men in his entire high school.


Willy's "before and after pictures" on two blogs on show the above point well. These blogs are:


Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story


Doctors Helped Cause Willy's Sickness; A Picture When He Was Not Well


Willy and I have found out that what we are doing to achieve physical and mental health applies to many other persons (millions).


The truth is that nutrients can profoundly correct rather severe depressive, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms within a matter of hours to a matter of days. (No drug in the world can do what nutrients and other natural measures can do in these regards, or come even close.)


Someone had to eventually figure out how to cure severe mental illness symptoms via natural means... and that someone had to "be one of us" (those of us affected by such illnesses).


I am that "someone" in the paragraph above. My son is "solid anecdotal proof" of what I am representing in this regard. So are other persons that are doing what we are doing (or similar) supplement-wise and otherwise.


Drug oriented medicine is the biggest hoax in history. It has no cures for a myriad of illnesses, despite the fact that it pretends to know what it is talking about.


It is no accident that I have had extraordinary difficulty staying online since I first widely posted my son Willy's amazing recovery story to the Internet in June 2006. Since this time, I have had six different personal computers of my own hacked into and/or disrupted, and I have had three computers of family members attacked while I was using them as well. I have also been hacked while using numerous computers in two public libraries near me.


The above computer difficulties apparently stem from Big Pharma monitoring the growth of alternative medical truth on the Internet, and doing all it can to slow this growth of truth down.


Big Pharma does not want the fact that mental illness can be cured naturally be found out by the masses. If this truth is found out, drug oriented medicine is doomed, and "they" know it.


These people most certainly know that if you, as the President of the U.S., hear what my son, I, and some other people have to say in regard to how to properly resolve mental illness and addiction via natural means that drug oriented medicine, as we know it today, is doomed.




I cannot recommend enough that you set up an open forum in Washington, D.C. to hear what alternative medicine has to say on a number of topics. (For example, did you know that medicating high cholesterol is considered a hoax by a number of doctors in the alternative medical arena. Medicating high blood pressure is also considered a hoax by knowledgeable alternative medical practitioners. And medicating acid reflux disease is considered a hoax as well. These three classes of fraudulent medications are only the beginning of the enormous hoax being pulled on us by "Big Medicine" and Big Pharma.)


My recovery experience, my son Willy's recovery experience, as well as the recovery experiences of a number of other persons, offers overwhelming anecdotal proof that antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-psychotic medications are all fraudulent as well.


Barack, ONLY YOU have the power and the means to correct this enormous problem of natural cures being shut out by the federal law that "ONLY A DRUG can diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure a disease".


America needs to become legally open to what nutrients and other natural measures have to to offer in regard to curing disease. If this does not occur, it is inevitable that we are going to become a second class nation as a result of (1) a populace that is becoming less healthy mentally and physically generation after generation, and (2) a populace that is bankrupted by high medical costs.


God help us all if you cannot hear what alternative medicine in general, and persons such as myself, are saying.


And God help us all if Big Pharma succeeds in getting healing nutritional supplements taken out of the public domain in the U.S., as they have succeeded in doing in many other countries around the world.


This issue of what chemical agents best cure disease, drugs vs. nutrients and other natural measures, is an issue that MAY NEED TO BE PROPERLY ADDRESSED BY YOU if our planet has a ghost of a chance of being saved. It is that important.




Allen Darman





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