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Deploy Unused Federal Assets in Timely Manner for Natural Disasters

Examine, discuss and plan for the use of rapid deployment of Federal Assets such as Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft to proactively support areas in need due to impending or existing natural disaster within the U.S.


Time and time again, state and local governments do not have the resources with which to adequately support preventative, or reactive measures to Natural Disasters that our citizen's fall victim to.


A latest case-in-point, and this stuff becomes so recurring it sheds light on the inefficiency at which government is often run, was the recent Firestorm in California. This was a known, high risk situation for years in a metropolitan city/area.


Basically the federal assets exist in large numbers, and are often just grounded in waiting or deployed in training. Let's concert the non use of these kinds of assets to rapidly deploy within our own cities/area to support preventative measures and support measures to minimize disasters, collateral damages and potentially avert altogether.


One simple example would be to deploy Air assets to carry fire retardants and fire suppression payloads in sufficient force and in a timely manner, when firestorm risks are high in a metro/city. To my friends in the mid-west, Central and Eastern states this is not like trying to prevent or minimize a Tornado or Hurricane or, an earthquake in the West. Although, emerging technologies may allow for some of that in the future.


As a super simple example, whatever happened to the simple rainmaker techniques to prevent and supress firestorm? It's likely that kind of prevention and suppression requires too many assets for local and state governments to support ongoing in the scale required for effectiveness.


So, in this theortical discussion, federal assets would be rapidly deployed for prevention and suppression methods until such time that they may (I repeat may) have to be rapidly redeployed into potentially higher priority national or international security missions.


In the end though, my point is that lives and property can be safeguarded and in this exampl. Where those two elements are involved, I believe the federal government should have some responsibility in providing timely and masterfully planned/executed support.


I think this can be extrapolated out a long way, forms a foundation for leadership in this important issue in the citizen's protection and quality of life and may spark additional development/advancements in natural disaster countermeasures.


Having been in the U.S. Military and having worked extensively within enormous Department of Defense Aerospace projects, the assets exist and are routinely otherwise under utilized.


Just my non-professional 2 cents and my first stab a subject within this new forum, so please no hate mail. And no, I don't work for the Fire Deparment's or National Forest Services.


John Ruben

Simi Valley, California



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