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Deliberative Democratic models of Governance

what has always upset me about this government has been a lack of transparency and one of the reasons why we lack transparency frankly is due to the institution of representation itself. Within political science research has shown that highly centralized forms of governance tend towards corruption for a myriad of reasons I won't get into here. On important issues like health care, though, I know that the American public feels ignored and that many feel that captains of industry (who would be affected by any future form of health care reform) are being given too much air time in the national debate.


My idea is why don't we have a Citizens Assembly (CA) like the one that the Canadian province of British Columbia used in 2004 to allow citizens a chance to decide what electoral system best suited the public's needs? I would implore you, Mr. President, to read a book on the subject title "Designing Deliberative Democracy" edited by Mark E. Warren and Hilary Pearse, which goes into great detail over the strengths and weaknesses of the CA and how it can be improved in the future were it to be used again.



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