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Decrease Cost Of Senior Citizen Home Care / Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes can cost $80,000 a year. Live in care givers cost arround $30,000 plus room and board. Yet, people in places like the UAE and Hong Kong have live in domestic help that costs between $2000 and $5000 a year plus R&B. This is because their immigration laws are better than those in the US and they hire workers from the Philippines or Indonesia who are trilled to get those salaries.


US immigration laws are backward compared to countries like Hong Kong, the UAE, or Saudi Arabia. People in Hong Kong hire Philippine help for about $400 a month plus room and board. They work 6 days a week, up to 18 hours a day and they do not pay SSA taxes or pensions. Philippine workers are anxious to grab these jobs because that is more that what a nurse would earn in the Philippines. Philippine domestic help earn about 4 times what they could earn in the Philippines. Places like the UAE are popular but not as much as Hong Kong. In the UAE, Philippine domestic help earn about $180 a month plus room and board. They also work longer hours than in Hong Kong. If the US has similar laws, it would be easy to hire Philippine domestic help for about $5000 a year. This way, senior citizens could continue living in their homes for a fraction of the cost of what is required now.


Too bad the US does not have domestic help laws like Hong Kong or the middle east. Not only do the Philippine employees work for less, but they are more honest because the job is more valuable to them. Think of it. If a Philippine domestic help worker looses their job, they are sent back home and have no chance of getter a good paying job (by Philippine standards) again. They rely on these incomes to support parents of families back home. Too bad the US is not as advanced.



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