The government has put Christians on Homeland Security Terrorist Watch lists. This is the beginning of creating a culture where the government could use the military against Christians and label us as Terrorists if we protest against abortion, homosexuality or anything else.


Jews infest Homeland Security. When they got control of the Russian government they committed a Super Holocaust against Russian Christians and peasants so there is plenty of evidence that they would do the same to us. Christians and our most Holy days are already being persecuted. And we are now on Terrorist Watch Lists which is frightening and horrible and unbelievable!


The government should assure us that the military will never be used against Americans. A military unit has already been deployed within the United States.


Henry Kissinger said that Los Angeles would not allow the military to police their city today but that eventually they would beg for it. I guess he knew something that we don't.


The government must decelerate its campaign against Christians and the founding stock of this nation. Jews must cease and desist.



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