Public-Private Partnerships

Create the Healthcare system the USA never has had

In the past, people paid health care providers directly. Then some companies got in the middle between the patients and the providers and "handled the money". I don't call this a healthcare system.


I see no reason for there to be any middlemen (or middle companies) involved in healthcare. This is not like auto or home insurance where some people will never use it. Health care is something that every person will use sooner or later (although some use it more).


What we need is negotiated fair prices for all health-related services. There would be no "health insurance companies" making profits off of sick people. The government already provides health care "insurance" to its workers (elected officials) and to the poor and retired (MediCal or MedicAid), it should really provide services to all who desire them. Certainly, wealthy people may still obtain services however they desire.



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