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Create Jobs not handout lines.

Why aren't programs like those created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt being used to get people working instead of creating new ways of giving handouts to people needing work? Programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) or Work Projects Administration created jobs for people and made progress for the nation while helping to bring the nation out of recession.


We have roads that need to be improved through out the U.S. and neighborhoods that need to be cleaned up. There are also projects that I don't understand why nobody has ever mentioned. Like creating a Bullet Train Transportation system that would connect locations throughout the U.S. or even within States. Or, maybe even a system of canals that would route and clean flood waters from frequently flooded coastal regions to the parts of the United States that could use the excess water for power generation and agriculture. If Oil can be pumped from hundreds of miles and over mountain ranges, why can't water? These projects could have multiple benefits and would certainly create jobs for people needing work.



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