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Making Government Operations More Open

Consolidate Inspectors General under a single IG answering directly to the President and Congress

Agencies have proven time and time again that they are inherently incapable of policing their own, especially when it concerns the people at the top. In the last few years, there were several attempts by agency leadership to either fire their IG or obstruct the efforts of IG personnel, such as at the CIA, State Department and GSA. Congress has tried to give IG's some degree of independence, but they still answer to the people they should be criticizing in their reports. The best solution is to create a Cabinet-level Inspector General who answers directly to the President, runs a single Inspector General agency that oversees all federal agencies and provides independent oversight of federal agencies. IG's that answer to an agency head will never be completely independent and those agencies will never be truly transparent or fully accountable for their actions.



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