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Congressional Term Limits

5. Congressional Term Limit: Congressmen, both Senators and Representatives, may only serve two consecutive terms of office. The next term following two successive terms must not be served, but the congressmen may run for re-election on the fourth term for no more than two successive terms. Meaning, a congressmen may serve two terms on, one term off, then two terms on, and so forth; determined by re-election of and by the people.

• I am tired of incumbent politicians loaded with PAC money, running for re-election without restating their platform of ideals or accepting debate invitations from party rivals. They take it for granted that the American people have been watchful of their voting record and judge them on their actions in congress, for the vast majority of Americans, this isn’t true. Since this proposal opens up the forced restatement of ideals for re-election every term or every forth term, it would reaffirm to the American people that their congressional representatives have their interests in government. Good luck trying to write to your federal congressmen, if you’re lucky you might receive a reply scripted by lobbyist.



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