Making Government Operations More Open

Congressional Oversight Agency

We need an agency that has a group of individuals that aspire to no public office, That has the authority to investigate every member in Congress for corruption and the constitutional authority to remove them from office and turn them over to the judicial for prosecution.

I don't know how we could gather these unbiased citizens against corruption for the agency. We would need term limits for them. I do know that congress is operating with little regard to the citizens needs or desires.

We have had too many decades of self-serving lifetime careerist members of Congress (both parties, both chambers) who have been setting their own Pay, Perks, and Pensions (and Pork, Big Time), and who have legalized their own bribery as they accept arm loads of cash from armies of lobbyists, then obediently deliver their votes as purchased.

And they need to be prosecuted and their wealth returned to the treasury from which it was stolen.



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