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Close the Border - What about a "5 million man march"?

Each of our national leaders took an oath to defend the consitution and uphold the laws. Article 4 of the constitution states that the federal government will keep the states free from invasion. The states have been invaded by tens of millions of people who entered the US illegally. Many wish to do harm. Many wish to take back much of the US for Mexico. This has even been stated by the Mexican president. There have also been treerorist connected with Al Quaida arrested crossing the Mexican border. Many of those entering the US illegally do not wish to assimulate into the American customes and values. But wish to change them.


There was once a "million man march" on Washington. This caused the world to listen. Many think that if there were a "Five Million Man March" along the Mexican border, the world will listen. Afterall, teh governemtn reuses to close the borders and protect Americans from invasion, crime, and the death of millions of Americans.


Many feel if the people took the job in their own hands, then maybe the government will listen.



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