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Change the USA to a better nation

President Obama needs to use his popularity to destroy the traditional and evil USA built by white people of European decent. To do this President Obama must first tear down what exists and then build it up from new foundations. To destroy the traditional USA requires bankrupting the nation with overspending; diversifying the racial balance of the nation by legalizing the tens of millions of people who are in the USA illegally; taking over and nationalizing the banks, insurance companies and major manufacturers; strengthening unions to reduce capitalist profits; supporting teacher unions to dumb down school children and keep voters ignorant; making sure formerly illegal aliens will not likely learn English; taking over health care so as to eliminate those segments of the population no longer useful to the new Obama nation; silencing opposing views with laws like the Fairness Doctrine and orchestrated attacks on opponents; surrendering to Islamic interests in the world and weakening the military. If President Obama and his administration tear down the USA this way they can then move in and establish a new politician run Statist government in which politicians will decide how the nation's wealth with be used.



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