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There's a link between money, speech and the ability to participate. Political MicroDonation (under $1) with Electoral/Geographic Networking is vital for scaling representation. Especially in grassroots issue or legislative lobbying and for new candidates and ideas.


It's the Power of Small Money, Large Numbers & Immediate Feedback!


It's a fundamental of speech and association.


(Chagora is NOT Monetized via any addition to transaction costs!)


A Charity and Cause/Campaign Service Provider Characterized by Associated Individual Donor Accounts accessed via the Recipient’s and others’ Chagora widget or the Chagora website itself which is Attractive to Recipient charitable and issue/candidate oriented nonprofits because of its enablement of Exclusive Transaction & Feedback Capabilities of vital interest to Donors and the general public.*


Chagora Assumptions


1. CHARITY and especially POLITICAL MICRODONATION (Cause/ Candidate contribution under $1 alone or in concert with others) has very Powerful and Unrecognized Potential as a USER ATTRACTANT If it can be made easy enough for the donor to give and economically feasible for the recipient to receive.

2. And can CATALYZE Donor usage of this account for ALL CONTRIBUTION in both the POLITICAL AND CHARITY sectors for reasons of convenience, unified accounting, reporting and additional functionality and benefits discussed elsewhere.

3. The CHAGORA System thus is attractive to potential charity and/or candidate/cause Recipients BOTH because of the direct services Chagora offers (accounting, reporting, visibility, specialized group fundraising capabilities, unique charity/corporate sponsorship capabilities, etc.) AND the ready Donor-base it can provide.

4. And forms the basis for a Long Tail Aggregator with high-margin profitability NOT dependent on advertising or transaction fees.


The Power of Small Money, Large Numbers & Immediate Feedback!


Attempts to revitalize our political system have focused attention on the issue of money in politics. All are good tries, and all are from the wrong end. It’s not just too much big money… it’s too little SMALL money. Political MicroDonation under $1 is a proximity substitute for conditions under which Representative Governments first arose and operate best… and are essential for scaling better leader development and decision making.


When teamed with more effective information gathering and dispersal (e.g. Sunlight Foundation, etc.) as well as new technologies of association (OpenSocial Initiative, Causes, etc.) its capabilities will be quickly seen and hence its growth will be self-reinforcing...


Most people never give to a cause or campaign… They will! They don’t give now because they assume they can’t make a difference… It’s too much, too rare and too difficult!


They’re hungry for a voice; a mechanism to bring them IN. Chagora does it and does it profitably. The design as a for-profit structure with ultimate exit-strategy by ownership transfer to the Donor-base is a unique element intended as a check & balance mechanism empowering the commons in a reasoned way against imbalances concurrent with civilization scaling.


The Mechanism and the Fish


Political MicroDonation is a catalyst and needed an enabling mechanism. And the enabling mechanism itself is a Hook for a priceless fish. The Fish is a natural concentration of Donors gravitating to such a system... And an essential tool for empowering citizens in the commons!


How does it work


The Donor’s P.U.D Account (Pooled, User-Determined Account) with accounting and reporting makes previously non-viable and therefore non-existent transactions feasible and FUN.


Essentially the User participates in a Chagora Trust account with as little as $10 and relinquishes ownership of deposited money, but retains full discretion on its distribution (within defined limits relating to charitable or cause-based entities).


Further, the account, once established persists whether funded or not and has functions related to social networking for civic purposes which are expanded on elsewhere. Chagora takes no part of the transaction between the donor and recipient. CHAGORA’s Design Structure suggests that even those with NO interest in politics at all will eventually be drawn in as well!




Recipient Subscription Fees, Charity and Cause/Campaign Services, Charity-Corporate Sponsorships, Accounting Services, FEC (and other) Reporting Services, Supplementary Web & Tech Services, Event Media Fees, etc.


*This user-controlled specialized account has additional potentials depending on a number of factors and its application in different countries and legal systems will vary... however its underlying fundamentals are universal.


Prototype & FAQ

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