Legal & Policy Challenges

Cannabis regulation and legalization

Americans who will be smoking cannabis won't be the only reason there will be extra revenue. Yes there will be an extra 13+ billion in extra revenue, but also all the freed up prisons would save billions. All the money going to fighting this pointless war, will save billions. Hemp will bring in millions of jobs and billions of dollars in the clothing, fuel, textile, paper, and housing industry. Alcohol, tobacco, and generic prescription drugs are far more harmful than cannabis, and smoking it isn't the only way to go about it. On that argument people who smoke cannabis smoke nearly 1/30th of the amount cigarette smokers use. Not only are all of these points true, but drug carels would CRIPPLE with 65%+ of their business gone. Marijuana law reform is no longer a political liability, it's a political opportunity

Why Is This Idea Important?

It'll bring in millions of jobs and billions of dollars, as well as saving thousands of lifes from cartels and alcohol dependency.



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