Public-Private Partnerships

Be the Bank of 2nd Resort

This should have happened when the government took over WAMU but there will be more opportunities with other big banks that are still floundering out there. When the next big bank fails turn it into a true National Bank(providing the new bank with accessible branches). Part of the stimulus money would be used to make it solvent. Once it's up an running it should offer credit to qualified customers/buisnesses at a rate that's half of a point higher than the best run banks are offerring. This would almost immediately ease the credit crunch. Banks that weren't well run would fail as they should. Their depositors could then either go to one of the better run banks or do their banking at the National Bank. By keeping the interest rate slightly higher than the good banks are offering it wouldn't drive the good banks out of business. It would however encourage them to take a closer look at potential customers so they could grab the good ones and make some money instead of letting them fall through the cracks to the National Bank.



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