Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Appoint a bipartisan panel to start limiting government programs and government departments

This administration is getting "too big for their britches." The founding fathers created our government to have very little impact on the people and to remain small and out of the private sector. Over time it has become more expanded and is invading our private lives more and more. The ONLY sector that is prospering job-wise is the government. Our president is making more and more departments and then is hiring "czars" to over see the private sectors and different departments. This is not something the American people want or need. The government needs to STOP with all the excess spending and hiring of Russian "czars" (this reeks of communism) and start giving that "stimulus" money that was so important to steal from us to the people and NOT to congress and the senate to do with what they please. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. I do NOT want my taxes paying for special interest programs that I don't agree with and these need to be banned. I DO NOT want my taxes going to funding excess, non-issue projects that can go through regular appropriatoins. I honestly feel what this president has done so far is to actually steal from the American people to pay off political organizations who have supported them and this is a criminal act. I do NOT support what is happening in this administration.



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