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Annual IRS Audits for Congress and All High Officials, Elected or Appointed

Recent disclosures indicate that many who are in our government have a difficult time paying their taxes correctly. Whether through mischief, malice, or mistake, the failure to pay diminishes the trust of the people in their government: the results of which are decreased participation by citizens in the process of government, a change in thinking - that we are being governed by an aristocracy over which we have no control and which operates by different rules, and an erosion of the entire system of representative government.


The proposal: Have the IRS Audit all of Congress and the 3100 appointees of the Executive branch (about 1100 of which are confirmed by the Senate) and publish summary findings. Treat irregularities exactly as they would be treated for any citizen, with no special considerations for status.


We cannot "make everything better" with initiative, but we can take specific, measurable, concrete steps to move government in the right direction. This proposal is no cure all, but will have a positive effect for present and future generations.

Why Is This Idea Important?

Trust and confidence in government can only exist if the governed believe that those governing are also playing by the rules. Recent disclosures underline the fact that there are those in high places who have not paid their taxes. This is a corrosive and deeply negative trend which has ongoing detrimental effects on the Republic. Remove doubt about tax compliance as a condition for public service at the highest levels.


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