Do-It-Yourself Government

An Idea To Help The Homeless Since Gov Has Always Forgotten Them

This is simply an idea in its infancy stage but maybe others could add to it and come up with some solutions for our Homeless in USA. I live in Los Angeles and the homeless in downtown LA is in a horrid state. So here's what I thought might get some ideas rolling. What if, on each block where homeless dwell, each restaurant, clothing store, even Hotels, contribute to these homeless souls by feeding them, clothing them and housing them. Now this would be JUST for the homeless in that vicinity and these owners of each business, chronicle and keep track what they gave and the Government gives these businesses BIG TAX breaks for their tangible support of those they help. I realize there is a litany of potholes in this idea BUT the basic premise is WE TAKE CARE OF OUR HOMELESS IN EXCHANGE FOR BIG TAX BREAKS from a government that does nothing. Your thoughts are welcomed. Thanks



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