Do-It-Yourself Government

American Civic Enrichment Policy

The idea I propose is a theoretical concept that will cultivate a greater potential in the product of fiscal policy on the domestic front. As it stands today the prolific divergence of political perspectives has become agressively corrosive in our society. For three decades I have observed the institution of government on all levels in America has become trapped in a decadent vortex spinning ever closer towards a state of anarchy. The efficacy of governement is grossly deficient in the minds of most American citizens. The biased-media, political partisans, and special interest groups have disenfranchised the consensus of the nations citizens. The often irrational and illogical actions of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association have sabbotaged our democracy with propaganda, an epic campaign of malicious litigation, and unethical conduct under an ugly mask of constitutional misinterpretation.

I believe that a process be designed and a channel established for citizens to specifically appropriate the spending of a reasonable portion of thier taxes. Instead of government being the absolute authority in spending taxes allow individuals to designate how thier contributions are spend within the parameters established by Congress. Allow individual Americans to decide prioriities in funding projects for the AmeriCorp, the Peace Corp, the National Endowment for the Arts, scientific and medical research. There is a program called the Combined Federal Campaign that I contributed to as a soldier that would serve a a good format to implement a process like this. Each year a pamphlet is generated explaining thousands of different charitible organizations eligible to recieve a fraction of my contribution. I made the call as to what specific charity would recieve the percentage of a total that I deemed fit.



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