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Amend our Constitution

We, the People of the United States of America, regretfully find it necessary to exert our God given rights in order to rein in our rampant government servants.


Our public servants, at all levels of government, have repeatedly exceeded the powers granted by We, the People, to a point where our various governments are now abusive of the unalienable rights given to us by our Creator. It has now come to the point where many of our public servants refuse to recognize and acknowledge the hand of our Creator in establishing this, our government.


Our corrupt government officials have unlawfully created rules, regulations, ordinances, orders, and codes to establish law enforcement agencies to force We, the People, into compliance with their perverted wishes.


They force us into submission by threatening to imprison us for not obeying their evil intentions.


They perpetrate fraud by lying to us concerning their plans if we will elect them to office.


Therefore, in order to restore our Republic and reclaim our rightful power over our own government in a manner whereby there can be no misunderstanding or mistaking our instructions and our intent, we hereby set forth the following conditions concerning the conduct and activities of our public servants under the terms and conditions We, the People, established in our original Constitution for the United States of America.


Our government, as We established by Our Constitution, is a Republic, not a Democracy. Everyone will immediately cease and desist all further misleading references to our “Government being a Democracy.”


What’s the difference?


The same as the difference between Freedom and Slavery.



A form of government where the People rule. A government where God’s law is supreme, and the people are free to pursue and to enjoy their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Each Citizen retains their own Sovereignty and has control over his, or her, personal environment. The Sovereign Citizens are subject to God’s Laws, The Scriptures, the Ten Commandments, the “Golden Rule,” and especially, Love thy Enemy.



A form of government where the majority rules, often referred to as “mob rule.” This type of system is fraught with the ever present potential that the majority will make slaves of the minority, or, that power hungry men and women will subvert the system for their own benefit. God is outlawed, and God’s laws are totally disregarded. Eventually the majority will try and make themselves the gods of the land.


Please consider what out Founding Fathers understood about a Democracy.


"Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." - James Madison, Federalist Paper 10:


And what our own government printed in a training manual for our Military Personnel.


Democracy, n. "A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of "direct" expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic - negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy." - U.S. Army Training Manual TM2000-05, 1928


But, we may have an even more sinister problem. We may have had an Oligarchy forced upon us.



A form of government where a select group of individuals have gained control over the actions and activities of the government and have placed themselves, and their cohorts, above the law, by claiming immunity from redress for themselves and their associates.


Are We, the People, now being forced to live in an Oligarchy?


We declare that all of our governments, at all levels, from the Federal Government to the smallest community, have no inherent rights to do anything on their own. All power and authority is derived from the consent of We, the People of the United States.


Congress can exercise no power by virtue of any supposed inherent sovereignty in the general government. Indeed it may be doubted whether the power can be correctly said to appertain to sovereignty in any proper sense, as an attribute of an independent political community. The power to commit violence, perpetrate injustice, take private property by force without compensation to the owner, and compel the receipt of promises to pay in place of money, may be exercised, as it often has been, by irresponsible authority, but it cannot be considered as belonging to a government founded upon law. But be that as it may, there is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States. It is a government of delegated powers, supreme within its prescribed sphere but powerless outside of it. In this country, sovereignty resides in the people, and Congress can exercise no power which they have not, by their Constitution, entrusted to it; all else is withheld. - Justice Field - Legal Tender Case, Julliard vs Greenman - 110 U.S. 421 (1884)


Most of our State constitutions have a section, similar to what follows, that declares the fundamental power of the people:


Political power – All political power is inherent in the people. The enunciation herein of certain Rights shall not be construed to deny or impair others retained by the people.


Notice that this says "people" ... it does not say "persons." This statement declares beyond any doubt that the people are Sovereign over their created government. This is natural law and the natural flow of delegated power.


The word “all” is totally inclusive. It leaves no inherent Political Power for any of our governments.


We, the People, hereby mandate that the Federal Government comply with the provisions set forth in the Constitution for the United States of America concerning the militia. At the time the Constitution was written it was common knowledge that the militia consisted of every able bodied man between the ages of 16 and 45.


The militia is not the National Guard, nor is it any police force established by the several States, or the Federal Government.


We now declare the militia to consist of every able bodied man and woman between the ages of 16 and 60, and those able bodied persons who are outside that age restriction who want to volunteer. Knowing this, Congress, and the Several States, shall immediately adhere to the following provisions of our Constitution for the United States of America.


To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress; - - Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 16 - Constitution for the United States of America


Instead of arguing over unlawful gun laws, Congress will immediately provide the means for each State to organize, arm, and discipline its Militia. Congress shall immediately issue arms to each Member of the several State Militias. Such arms shall be the private property of the Militia Member and shall be retained by the Militia Member after they have reached the age they are no longer an active Member of the Militia for their State.


The words “police,” “marshal,” “agent,” “prosecutor,” “prison,” or any other form of a law enforcement term are not found within our Constitution for the United States of America.


The Militia is the only law enforcement body defined in the Constitution, and Congress shall immediately disband any and all other law enforcement agencies established in violation of the provisions of our Constitution.


To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; - Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 15 - Constitution for the United States of America


We, the People, did not provide any situation under which Congress could assign any of its powers to non-government corporations, therefore, We command Congress to immediately dissolve the Federal Reserve and cancel, without any form of payment, all debts incurred in association with the unconstitutional and unlawful organization. Congress will assume it’s rightful powers of coining our money. You are not authorized to issue any fiat money.


On September 14, 1787, the Federal Convention was involved in a number of votes concerning the powers to be granted to the Federal Government. The following motion was suggest by James Madison.


Mr. MADISON suggested an enlargement of the motion, into a power "to grant charters of incorporation where the interest of the United States might require, and the legislative provisions of individual States may be incompetent."


This was soundly defeated by a vote of 3 in favor and 8 against the motion.


Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, aye—3; New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, no—8.


The Federal Government has no power to create corporations, and the word “corporation” is not found in our Constitution for the United States of America.


To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; - Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5 - Constitution for the United States of America


All three branches of the Federal Government have abused the provisions of Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3 by their misinterpretation of what it truly says.


To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes; - Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3 - Constitution for the United States of America


The easiest way to see what this paragraph really says is to diagram the sentence.


When you do, it becomes clear that the Federal Government has no more power over the several States and the Indian Tribes than it does over the Foreign Nations.


Therefore We, the People, mandate that Congress take whatever steps are necessary to restore the several States to their proper position of power over the Federal Government.


The Federal Government, the several States, and each and every other government established by We, the People, are specifically barred from requiring the issuance of any form of Identification Card, Driver’s Licence, or any license pertaining to any profession or employment, including the licensing of businesses, or issuing of charters, to function in banking, securities, or other entities.


Congress shall also take such measures as are necessary to relinquish all claims to ownership and control over any land within the borders of each State, other than what is allowed under the provisions of the Constitution.


To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; - Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3 - Constitution for the United States of America


It is also our desire to clarify Article 10 of our Bill of Rights by stating that unless We, the People specifically authorize something can be done by the Federal Government, it cannot be done, and the same restriction is hereby established toward all other governments established by We, the People of the United States of America.


We also firmly declare that no government official, nor any employee, or any association of them, has any power or authority to:

• assign their Constitutional duties or tasks to others, either within or without the government

• interpret the meaning of our Constitution for the United States of America, or any of the several States, or any local government. Only We, the People have the authority to interpret the meaning of the laws that We established to create our various Governments

• perform any task outside what is specifically authorized by We, the People

• fail to perform any task mandated to be performed by We, the People, of the United States


Therefore, We, the People of the United States of America do establish the following Amendment to our Constitution for the United States of America, and to each of our Constitutions for the Several States.


We, the People of the United States of America, in order to clarify the basic concept behind the establishment of our Federal, State, and Local governments do hereby enact this Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America, and to each and every Constitution for the Several States, and to the Ordinances governing our various Local Governments.


WHEREAS it is an established fact that all just powers and authority are derived from the consent of the People of the United States.


WHEREAS all governments, at all levels, from the Federal to the smallest community, must perform each and every action required by said Constitutions and Ordinances, and do not have the power to do anything other than those things that We, the People, have specifically authorized and empowered them to do. No government has any inherent rights to do anything on its own.


WHEREAS the People can only grant to the government such powers and authority as they themselves hold as individuals. The People cannot authorize their government to perform functions that they themselves cannot do as individuals.


THEREFORE, to assure ourselves that this Amendment is being properly followed, we hereby require the use of an Enacting Clause on each and every law, treaty, ordinance, code, rule, regulation, order, or other color-of-law document, all hereinafter referred to in this Amendment as "Law".


Every Law, from every level of government, must be prefaced by a proper Enacting Clause that clearly states the date the Law was enacted, it must identify those who enacted the Law, and it must define the power and authority of those who enacted the Law by stating the Article, Section, and Paragraph of the appropriate Constitution that grants them the power and the authority to enact the Law.


If the appropriate Constitution cannot be cited, or if the law assumes powers beyond the ability of the people to grant, then the Law is null and void, and cannot be enforced.


All current and future Laws must be brought into compliance with this Amendment.


All actions that have been done under unconstitutional Laws must be reversed and all debts still owing from unconstitutional actions are summarily canceled without any further payment of any kind, except that those individuals who have been damaged by said unconstitutional laws must be compensated for their losses.


Any person who proposes an unconstitutional law shall immediately lose his, or her, right to hold any office of trust or profit under any Constitution, or Ordinance, created by We, the People of the United States of America.


Further, no private organization, or Foreign Power, shall have any power or authority to dictate to, or attempt to control, any part or portion of our several governments. Only the voice of the people, when acting as a Common Law Court, in accordance with Article 7 of the Bill of Rights, may dictate to, or control, our several governments.


Also, in order to further protect and defend our Constitution, We, the People of the United States, do hereby require that every person who decides to run for any office in any government created by We, the People, must prove, beyond any doubt, that they are qualified to assume the office if elected. This means that in the case where age is a requirement, or where natural born citizenship is required, a copy of their long form birth certificate, showing the hospital, the signature of the attending physician and a certification by the proper authority as to the veracity of the document must be filed wherever the candidates name is to appear on a ballot. Such birth certificate will be furnished with the clear understanding that it may be subjected to various tests to verify the legitimacy of the document, and, if access to the proper authorities necessary for verification is blocked, then the document will automatically be assumed to be fraudulent. If it is found that the candidate is not qualified, then the candidate is personally liable to every person, or entity, that donated to the campaign, who shall be compensated by treble damages. This provision will apply to all persons currently holding any office as well as all future election campaigns.


Therefore, we, the undersigned, do hereby adopt this “Mandate concerning the Clarification, Modification, and Amendment of Our Constitution for the United States of America” on behalf of the People of the (State) Republic and do hereby affix our signatures in acknowledgment of such adoption.



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