Allow schools to remove disruptive students, create alternative education paths, and establish public day care

Public schools are being mis-used a public daycares. The primary mission of schools used to be educating and preparing children to be members of a democracy and to be competitive in the market. Now schools primary mission is to be a place to park children while parents work.


Our workforce depends upon schools acting as a safe haven to place their children while they work. Because of these pressures schools are forced to accommodate as many children as possible, including disruptive children who are not acting or cooperating with teachers and students.


Teachers on are front lines, forced to act as disciplinarians and baby sitters instead of educators. Their new jobs is to keep order in a classroom. Do not send disruptive children to the principal. Do not worry about students who are willing to learn, they can take of themselves.


Also, we must recognize that some disruptive children are disruptive because they are an ill-fit for a one-size-fits-all education system. We should split resources to allow for more alternative education systems. Some students who were disruptive in a hands-off theoretical environment may do better in a hands on vocation system. Students who we label as hyper or attention deficit, may do better in more creative or self-driven schools.


We need to:

* Allow teachers to remove students from their classroom

* We need to make parents responsible for students that are not allowed in classrooms

* We need to create more alternative education systems (co-ops, internships, college prep, vocational, etc) instead of a one size fits all

* We need to create public alternatives to parents in the workforce who do need day care

* We need to return teachers to teaching.



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