Making Government Operations More Open

Accountable budgets or the bill is automatically repealed!

I would like to see a law enacted whereby all bills are subject to financial analysis by the government and private accounting firms whereby prior to consideration for a vote there will be a specific dollar amount per month it will cost each of the citizens of our Country. (Example the Stimulus Package, and Card Check, etc.) This would give a tangible amount that I and others could then decide if we would like to pay. To me, the billions and billions floating around now are things I and most others don’t want to pay for and when a few years from now we realize there was fraud and typical corruption accounting for many of those dollars we will all wish we hadn’t approved it.

The second part is the bill would be repealed automatically if it exceeds its budget estimate?

This way the special interests and lobbyists couldn't slip a piece of pork inside of a poorly written bill and live off of the proceeds for the rest of their lives.



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