Public-Private Partnerships

Accountability for Government Funded Non-Profit Service Providers

Local governments across the United States partner with countless non-profit service organizations to provide all kinds of services to constituents - education, health, children's services, etc. The government spends billions through grants and contracts to these providers, but often does not have the capacity to ensure that these organizations are meeting their goals. For example, supplementary educational organizations that receive title I or NCLB funding may provide services that have no impact on student achievement, yet they remain funded year after year. The idea here is to create an independent organization that would support governments to monitor and hold accountable organizations that are receiving funds to provide services to the public.


This organization would be funded by the government and foundations who also have an interest in strengthening the non-profit sector. This organization would create an information system that would 1) collect and aggregate funds that are being spent by governments on service providers 2) collect data about the intended impacts of these programs 3) monitor and evaluate these programs to understand how they are tracking back to their goals and 4) publish the data for governments and constituents so they can understand what kinds of impacts are being made, hold accountable ineffective organizations, and further support organizations that are making a positive impact.



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