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A Rite of Passage?

Over the last several months, Barrack Obama’s origin of birth has come under much scrutiny due discrepancies concerning the authenticity of his birth certificate. Israel Insider and expert analyst working under the pseudonym Techdude (The individual has chosen to work under a pseudonym now due to threats since his findings – including the vandalizing of his car and the hanging of a mutilated rabbit on his front door. His report includes 20 pages with 3000 words and detailed magnifications of the forgery) have concluded that the birth certificate produced is a fraud of one that actually belongs to his sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro.

So what’s the big deal? According to the constitution of the United States, under Article II, Section 1, no person except a natural born citizen can be eligible to the office of president.

So this birth certificate thing is pretty important. You’re telling me….

My wife and I are currently in the draining process of assisting her English parents in their emigration to the great state of Texas for their retirement years. It has been a nightmare. Her parents are in their 70’s and have no criminal record. Her father was honorably discharged from the Royal Marines. He worked for the American company Brown and Root for many years and is now employed with Canon. Her mother has served as a nurse and retired recently. Their daughter and I have been married for 24 years and they have traveled back and forth to the states both on business and family time. Their visas were always in order.

It would seem to be an open and shut case for emigrating. Not.

The requirements have been phenomenal. We have had to file a massive amount of paperwork in triplicate (and in some cases, even more) and multiple expensive fees. Additionally, because my father in law militarily served in Singapore for a stint, he had to produce a police report from Singapore stating that he had no prior criminal record there.

Then came all of our paperwork as their ‘sponsors’. This included several certified copies of marriage and birth certificates.

That’s right – birth certificates. And they had to be genuine or otherwise you would risk losing any chance of the whole process. The whole application would be canned if you offered anything remotely suspicious or especially fraudulent.

As I was discussing the issue of Obama’s questionable birth certificate with my wife Natalie, she brought up how our family has been through the legal ringer trying to get a couple of senior citizens who have spent their lives obeying the law, positively contributing to society, who want to bring their retirement funds, and live their last days here in America.

And all that’s required to be president of the United States of America is to produce a certified legal birth certificate (NOT A COPY OR SHORT FORM - neither were acceptable for fur us to use!) that one is indeed a citizen.

If we have to do it, so do you Mr. Obama. All you have to do to quell the nay-sayers is produce the goods. It’s time to ante up – or is that too much to ask from a genuine presidential candidate / elected?

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Because the Constitution trumps it all. It's in plain ENGLISH.



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