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U.S. Representative Voting Preference Polls (P-poll for short)

P-poll Now

Universal Health Care? Yes or No

Funding for War? Yes or No

Immigration Reform? Yes or No


How would you vote? Your U.S. Representative should know.


Let’s require U.S. Representatives to poll their constituents regarding bills scheduled for a vote and publish the results at For example:


HR 101 $900 Billion Stimulus Plan

The People say: Nay (68% vs. 32%)

The House says: Yea (51% vs. 49%)


In a digital democracy, the will of the people should be visible on every House bill. Of course, we must allow Reps to vote their conscience, but we will also be free to vote them out of office.

Why Is This Idea Important?

Representative democracy is alive and well, but the entities being represented are big corporations and not average citizens. The value of a P-poll is that it would allow us to see how well our Reps are representing us, both individually and collectively. After all, how can our U.S. Representatives represent us if they don’t talk to us?



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