1. Have a "REAL" investigation into 911 not some whitewash commission!

2. Support the "First" responders in NY City!


3. Give American's a "REAL" Bailout!


4. Dissolve the following ACTS $ stop *.* spying on Americans:

*The Military Commission Act 2006

*The John Warner Act 2007

*The Protect America Act of 2007


5. Prosecute anyone who had anything to do with the Bush torture program to include civilian psychologist!


6. Address the (TI) "Targeted Individual" issue here in the U.S. it REAL:




The Ominous Parallels Report


The Ominous Parallels is a web site that discusses how The United States government uses organized Harassment and Torture perpetrated by the National Security Agency [NSA], Science Application International Corporation [SAIC] and other government agency's using Military grade Psychological Operations and Direct Energy Weapons against United States citizens, and other countries citizens from around the world.









As a former Intelligence community worker working for Science Applications International Corporation I've come under covert-overt attack by the National Security Apparatus for whistle-blowing that the office I worked in located at Dulles, VA right beside the airport for Science Applications International Corporation was empty on the morning of the 11th of September 2001.


Since leaving Science Applications International Corporation I've been under constant surveillance, constant harassment by the U.S. Government, its agency's and Science Application International Corporation.


The Ominous Parallels website discusses the specifics concerning these covert types of harassment - active measures that I've been exposed to and have experienced; moreover, the specifics of how these operations work.


For emphasis, this includes methodologies of psychological torture via direct energy weapons and covert operations. Philippe Sands book titled "The Torture Team" is profound as it speaks to these methodologies that I have experienced as a TI.


As a TI I know that the torture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib are a "by-product" of something much more sinister that is going on in our world. My hope is that one day these programs will be exposed and to that end The Ominous Parallels website seeks to educate the public about these kinds of weapons, operations, players and the effect it is having on our world.


More important is how the inhumane actions of our government parallels that of Nazi Germany between 1933 - 1945.


This is REAL; TIs need some kind of safe haven!



Love "Light" and Energy






http://www.scribd.com/doc/13743550/The-OmInOuS-Parallels [Read with discernment]





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