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Get the IRS and politicians out of citizens lives (again)

In 1776 we fought to stop undue taxation burdens. Now in 2009 the founding fathers would not believe the nightmare inflicted on citizens every year come April. Worse, no one, not even the IRS and politicians, really know who is paying what tax anymore, with over 100,000 books of tax regulations. This is making the American economy uncompetitive compared internationally with billions being spent annually on bureaucracy ...more »

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Beware! "Open Government" should not create yet another layer of bureaucracy...

Some might argue that "Open Government" is a contradiction in terms - you can be open or you can have government (Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, "Yes, Minister"). But let us not be pessimitic and accept that collective contributions from citizens will be considered by our Government in making important final decisions. Clearly, the time has not yet come for this initiative to produce anything more than possibly a useful ...more »

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