Campaign: Making Data More Accessible

What else don't we know about POTUS?

It's not just the birth certificate. Obama has not released his college transcripts or his doctoral thesis. He has not explained why he never published for Harvard Law Review. We have heard rumors about a Muslim paying his way through college, but what is the truth- how was his education funded? Has anyone seen an interview with one of Obama's students? Why has the media never investigated his cocaine abuse, tracked ...more »

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Campaign: Records Management


Acorn is a radical organization in which it appears that the Obama Administration is using to squash any decent in the thought process. They have been charged with voter fraud and intimidation. They appear to be part of the un-offical Obama team that works in the background to take care of the dirty work. All ties between Obama and Acorn should be investigated in public.

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Campaign: Making Government Operations More Open

Follow the ACORN Money Trail

I want to know where all the ACORN money is coming FROM, and where is it going TO? If they are going to be that involved in our government, AND being partially financed by our government, we have a right to know. Any organization with millions of dollars going to an empty padlocked building has something to hide, in my humble opinion. No more hiding corruption. It's time to investigate! I don't want them doing ...more »

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Campaign: Uncategorized


Although it has been indicted for voter fraud and implicated on other instances of wrongdoing at the taxpayers expense, it appears that ACORN may be of the entities hired to be census takers. This corrupt organization cannot be allowed to participate in Governmental functions.

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Campaign: Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Halt the flow of taxpayer money to ACORN.

ACRON is currently under wide investigation by local and federal authorities. Funnelling taxpayer money to an agency with obvious deficencies should be immediately halted until a proper investigation is completed.

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Campaign: Legal & Policy Challenges

Honor and reward ACORN

ACORN is a great organization that helped helped elect Barack Obama as well as the Democratically controled congress. We should have a day to celebrate the greatness of this wonderful ACORN organization - perhaps an "Honor Community Organizers Day. Perhaps Obama and other Washington politicians could hold a mass meeting with the organizers and top brass at ACORN. ACORN is willing to do anything to register voters in ...more »

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