Public-Private Partnerships

Transform SBA into a Microfinance Agency for startups

So far we've been spending trillions to try and resuscitate defunct DOW companies and a non-existent Wall Street.


I propose that we give Small a chance and let Big digest its trillions.


To wit, we need to transform the SBA from a place for dry cleaners to get loans into a dynamic, web driven micro-finance agency.


Citizens should be able to get grants and Government backed loans in the amount of $100,000, 1M or 10M, easily and with a minimum of paperwork and delay. Startup companies that will employ people should be fast tracked to funding.


The new SBA/MFA will have a website with a simple walk through web form that is basically a summary of the idea (page 1), a summary of needed finance (page 2) and an essay describing its metrics for success (page 3).


1-2-3 -- fast, quick and easy. Let's get capital flowing to business again...lets make micro-finance available to all!



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