Making Government Operations More Open

Disclose all UFO records and information to the public

The UK and France have begun releasing UFO files to the public relaxing decades of secrecy into this issue. This subject needs disclosing, in which many polls from CNN have shown that 80% of the American public belive the UFO issue is real, and a further 60% beliving in the extraterrestrial presence. This issue has been documented throughout governments worldwide, and objects are regually seen by civil and military pilots and personnel, and have been picked up on radar on numerous occasions, aswell as Penetrating sensitive nuclear bases. Hundreds of such military/governemnt witneses are willing to testify under oath.


John podesta, former Clinton Chief of staff and Obama transition chief has pubically called for the release of all UFO documents from federal agencys on many occasions and stated the American people can handle the truth.



Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mithell called for disclosure just last month streamed live on


Whatever people believe the nature of UFOs are, i feel its important to vote this up, so that America can take the lead in disclosing this matter.


Links to the french and UK release is below (french Nasa)



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