What Obama says doesn't match with reality


This is the website where you can allegedly track exactly what the stimulus package is doing to help in our economic recovery. If you look at it closely, no private sector jobs have been saved, or created, nor is there any mention of private sector hiring due to the stimulus package.

Obama said earlier today that private sector businesses were saved, jobs were saved, and many private sector businesses did more hiring thanks to the stimulus package. Personally, I'd like to know where these private sector businesses are, and who they are. They're not listed at recovery.gov. Shouldn't they be? After all, they would qualify as successes. Where's the transparency here?

All I can see on recovery. gov is that the federal government is hiring, not private sector businesses. The private sector is the backbone of our country. Government hiring means nothing.


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  1. Comment

    I agree. Here in Arizona the only moneys be spent are to continue paying government employees. No new projects have been started and every effort is being made to identofy the loop holes and vague language to allow the money to be spent to replace local taxes and go to absolutely nothing other than existing government programs other than those for the poor and elderly and disabled which are going to be cut no matter what.

    I am afradi that the jobs "saved" will far exceed those created and government employees are ad will be the only jobs to benefit from al of this money.

    No new tax base is being created adn the revenue shortfall for Arizona cannot improve, by definition, by simply perpetuating existing govenment jobs.

    Also, recovery.gov has several IG reports from government agencies which appear to have involved weeks of manhours to create and yest, for example, in the DOE all they haev identified is how to put personal computers in power save and hibernate mode.

    It does save electricity but it is also typical of the government being ignorant and inefficient...not improving and moving toward the future but simply trying to get back to where the world has been for 5 years.

    This stimulus is NOT working.

  2. Comment

    Nobody in the history of this country was more successful at passing what conservatives will tell you are their key issues. He was not a failure by any stretch of the imagination if you are judging by how much of his party's agenda was achieved.

    What did he do to deserve this title?

    Biggest tax cuts in history

    Biggest cuts in "social" programs

    Biggest rollbacks of environmental protections

    Most defense spending ever

    Biggest rollbacks in business and development regulations

    Biggest giveaways of public land for mountaintop mining and timber

    Biggest crackdown on civil liberties

    Biggest cuts in higher education budgets

    Privatization of Military, law enforcement and prison infrastructure

    Biggest cuts in Veteran's benefits

    Two new ultra right Supreme Court picks

    And on and on...

    There is nothing this man did that was a failure...if you are judging by whether one advances his party's interests. He was able to accomplish things that conservatives have been whimpering that the dirty "Libtard" congresses of Nixon, Bush I, and Reagan blocked them from doing for 40 years.

    Well, the stars lined up for them. They got everything they said would "free capitalism" from the bonds of "big government" to work it's magic.

    What did we get?

    Worst job creation record since Hoover

    Actually LOST jobs over his entire first term

    300,000 jobs for his second term

    (Jimmy Carter created 10 million jobs in "worst economy in history”)

    Millions more people without health insurance

    Millions more collecting unemployment from the government

    Millions of people’s retirement saving WIPED OUT

    Homes worth half what people paid for them

    Major decline of respect for US in the world

    Continued terrorist attacks on US soil (Anthrax? Snipers?)

    Stagnant wages in the midst of inflation in the prices of fuel, food, education and health care resulting in a NET LOSS in the standard of living of the vast majority in this country

    Largest gap between rich and poor in this country since the beginning of the Great Depression

    It is not George W. Bush's fault and it is not his failure. The fault for the state of this country rests firmly on the POLICIES not the PERSONALITY of GEORGE W BUSH! It is conservative, trickle down, “let business regulate itself” policies that got us where we are.

    If we don't acknowledge that then we will repeat this experiment again in the next election. It is important for people to know what they are going to get when they vote for conservatives.

    If you make 250,000 a year or more and you want to shut the door to prosperity behind you so you don't need to share your loot then you should vote republican.

    But if you are trying to get there, and want policies that help that happen, like a good education and healthcare alternatives so you don't get trapped in a job you hate…even though you have a great idea for a business...then you need to vote for New Deal Liberalism.

    New Deal Liberalism is social spending to help you succeed and government regulation to keep powerful corporate interests from rolling right over you and crushing your hopes to line their own pockets the way they did to millions of others in the last 8 years.

  3. Comment

    GDP growth

    Who’s better for the economy? Democrats or Republicans? If you take the GDP Growth of all the presidents since FDR they rank like this.

    #1) Kennedy

    #2) Truman

    #3) Clinton

    #4) Reagan

    #5) Carter

    #6) Eisenhower

    #7) Nixon

    #8) Bush 1

    #9) Bush 2

  4. Comment

    luvwith: A Mises economics course would be good for you.

  5. Comment

    Feb. 5, 1976, Prime Minister Thatcher said, "...and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

  6. Comment
    William M. Riggles

    Bush and Obama BOTH, practice welfare for too big to fail crooks! (socialism for the rich / capitalism for the poor)

    While our Corporate Media protects them and blocks the voices exposing the scam.

    You have to seek the truth, it won't fall in you lap as a newspaper!

  7. Comment
    magikrider909 ( Idea Submitter )

    Luvwith, you don't have a clue what you're talking about. Typical liberal! Quote liberal crap propaganda sites, and try to pass them off as fact.

  8. Comment

    I bet you Obama Voters are in shock that the President told you who he was and what he belived in and you Voters still voted him into office. Now you are shocked again that he flip and flops all over the place, and have been caught in lies over and over. Electing this President is like buying "Full Coverage Insurance" only to find out that the Insurance company will only cover the Actual Cash Value of your car. What is Full Coverage if you have to pay for someone destroying your property. The same people who voted for a person who changes with the direction of the wind or the same people who sat back and allowed Insurance Companies to get away with this "Mandatory Insurance Nonsense". Stand up and let the President know that you can hear and see. The bow was a bow, we all saw it.