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OK, I understand that this administration does not want to settle the matter like mature adults. Instead they want to delete posts from TRUE AMERICANS who expect their Government to abide by the Constitution and laws that have been enacted. For a person to be eligible for POTUS, they must prove that they are a natural born citizen. President Obama has not done this. Why not?

By the way, this is my 2nd post, since my original post was deleted yesterday. Thanks a lot for the freedom of speech!


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  1. Comment

    Flagged again as a duplicate, that's why your other post was deleted.

    There are already approximately eighty thousand "ideas" about the birth certificate already.

    Quit spamming the forum with more duplicates.

  2. Comment

    Obama's mother is an American

  3. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    So why won't the administration produce the form? Why delete all these posts? To delete them is suppression of freedom of speech.

    Just because O's mama is American doesn't make him American.

  4. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    This admin is supposed to be about transparency. Where is the transparency? If you are going to delete duplicate posts, then why haven't you deleted them all? Or would that be too much of a socialist thing to do?

  5. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    You may be able to delete this from this website, but I've copied this and all the replies to my facebook page. :)

  6. Comment

    There is no "freedom of speech" on a moderated internet forum.

    Posting duplicates is against the terms of use, so duplicate posts are removed.

    Quit posting duplicates and we'll quit flagging them.

  7. Comment

    To stifle the constructive discussion of others by injecting your own opinion countless times into their arguments is suppression of free speech.

    I'll be more than happy to embrace your freedom of speech, when you honor mine.

    Quit posting duplicates and I'll quit flagging them.

  8. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    If you have such a problem with duplicates, why haven't you deleted all the duplicate posts on legalizing pot? If you are going to delete duplicates, then be consistent.

  9. Comment
    Art Lee

    If you think you're a TRUE AMERICAN, you're deluding yourself. If you were a TRUE AMERICAN, you'd work the process in a much more effective way. Contract your Congressmen, or even better, ALL Congressmen. When them come home for recess, sit down and talk with them. Clearly, what's going on here isn't working. Complaining just isn't the way a TRUE AMERICAN works.

  10. Comment

    "why haven't you deleted all the duplicate posts on legalizing pot?"

    I reported those too. And the dupes calling to ban all the certificate posts.

    One Thread Per Idea.

  11. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    Mr. Lee, I have. Nobody is listening or doing anything about it. What other avenue do I have? Personally, I believe that you are not the TRUE AMERICAN in this discussion. Otherwise, you would be questioning his motives as well.

  12. Comment

    FYI its not "spamming" if it comes one at a time from real people instead of software.

    It is important to us that is why we will not let it go.

    If we are a nation of laws then Obama works for us (for now) and we have every right to demand whatever we want to settle this issue.

    If we are a nation of men then it is too late and none of this matters. Let the prison camps be filled with those of us who will not move in lock step with the current despot.

  13. Comment
    juwills ( Idea Submitter )

    AMEN noway!

  14. Comment

    It is spamming if you don't follow the mandated protocol.

    One thread per topic. It doesn't take a college degree.

    Furthermore, you seem to have misconstrued the notion of a right to judicial due process and a nonexistent right to have your demands met. Though I certainly will not argue that you absolutely have the right to demand whatever you want, we also have the right to ignore you.