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Stop the Commercialization of Personal Data Held By Government Agencies

People are required to provide information to the government for lots of purposes – to pay taxes, to obtain licenses, to receive benefits. The personal information that we all provide to the government should not be commercialized or data-mined. Also, our interests in government programs should not be turned over to advertisers without our consent.

EPIC recommends the use of new technology to promote the efficiency of government and to enable new forms of participation. But we also believe that this should not lead to the “monetization” of citizens.


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    Yes, I'm against commercializing data—but I'm also against the government collecting so much personally identifiable data. Privacy doesn't really exist any more, but it should be brought back if we can do it.

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    this sound difficult to accomplsih - if the goal is be more transparent by releasing gov't information so that people can judge for themselves, then i question the use of a litmus test that could lim,it use of that "open" information. information should either be open and available for all, or not at all. Additionally, much of the personal information is used by congress and the Executive to decide how best to spend funds. In order to maximize efficiency, it makes sense to allow both open access and scruntiny.