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Stop the Abuse of Salaried Employees

Salaried Employees are being Abused, they are being made work 50 - 70hr. a week. They may make 500.00 a week that is based on a 40hr. week, but yet after they have worked 70hr. They are not even making min. wage.

40hr. Work should be the standered.. Anything over that should be Time and a 1/2.... No matter what your job is, CEO to the lowest payed Employee. NO ONE should be forced to until they drop.


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    You can't just be called salaried. There's a definition for salaried. Look it up, if you do not fit that profile, sue your employer for back wages.

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    One thing that you as an idividual has in his control, is that if you don't like your job, what you are doing or how you are being treated, you either suck it up or, like we used to say in the oilfield, "get your hat."

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    See: Department of Labor

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    This is a really common problem. I've had bosses that tried this on me as well and lots of my coworkers were persuasively asked (code for forced under threat of job loss) to work 60, 70 or more hours a week. In fact I was a WalMart the other day speaking to a general manager (or whatever the weirdo Walmart title is for general manager) and she said that they worked her so much on salary that she made $4.71 a hour if you divided her gross pay by the number of hours worked. Insane. Welcome to the land of salvary. Where our Government does not even recognize Federal Holidays for employees nationwide. Oh yeah, we call it a holiday but there is no require for a private company to give the day off. Also, we have no required time off each year for employees. Because we appreciate our workers so much we want then to die on the job from stress or go postal. It is their reward for hard work. Then we want to charge them crazy money for a house, and pay them crap wages and provide little or no benefits; because we really like our American workers (more like worker bees).

    Yeah this Government is WAY TOO corporate friendly. In fact I would go as far to say this Government practically has sex with corporations because it is definately screwing the crap out of the employees.

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    Companies that want to keep good employees don't do this. Companies that want to stay in business don't do this.

    If your company does this, find a new job, then walk out on your current employer. If he treats you like that, you don't owe him a thing.

    And this topic has nothing to do with the purpose of this site.

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    If you don't like it you are free to find another job.

  7. Comment

    Yeah free to find another job when there are nearly no jobs and the economy is ripe to abuse employes. That's a good one. ha ha ha.

    Thanks for aupporting your fellow struggling Americans. Way to kick them when they are down.

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    Maybe if the unions wouldn't make unreasonable demands, more companies could stay in business and there would be more jobs. As much as people want to blame management, the unions played as much or more of a roll in running the auto manufacturers in to the ground. I am by no means kicking any one while they are down. My point was why complain about it. These so called abused employees voluntarily took these positions. We are still somewhat free to control our own destiny, for now. I am a small business owner and would do anything for my good employees and still they steal, quit with no notice, etc. I guess I need to form a union of business owners to protect my interests. Maybe if the younger generation had the work ethic that my grandparents had, the country wouldn't be in the shape it is in now.

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    I'd suggest that you put in a complaint at the Department of Labor, that's the group that the Fed put in place to address these issue.

    Having a job in this economy is a very good thing.

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    I was raised in Michigan and have many family and friends who were UAW members working in the auto industry. They routinely missed work, took off early, and were the first ones to complain about their benefits. None of them had any college education and yet they made far more than anyone else would in any other field except maybe for those that are extremely high risk.

    The UAW did for the auto industry what the NEA is doing for the public school system, except that there's not much money in it for the NEA.

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    Just on the outside chance that this is a currently ongoing situation that is real for some person:

    If you work at a small company, and you are misnamed a salaried employee for the purposes of avoiding overtime wages, contact the department of labor, give them your job description and it is their responsibility to enforce labor laws. In doing this, you should receive back wages.

    If you work for a large company, you must do the same as a collective or you don't stand a chance.

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    Yeah go to the labor department...HA HA HA!!! They are about as useful as...well....nothing. You can't even get a freaking lunch break at many jobs now. My wife works minimum wage (with a degree) and gets no lunch break...not even the required 10 min breaks every two hours. Yeah, we tried complaining... still waiting 5 months later.... Last job she had was even worse....we complained then as well... still nothing. These departments as completely useless in many respects. Maybe some people have success but many don't.

    And how about my mother who got punched by her boss, got docked pay for no reason and he refused to give her a paycheck once. Also, his place was full of illegals and he was illegally reselling alcohol to customers. Yeah there were complaints up the rear end in on this guy. Did anyone get any help? Nope! Nothing.

    Workers right in the USA is appalling. I know this because I've been lucky enough to have worked in other countries. Yeah, some of you are now going to say well, the USA has better workers rights than China or Vietnam or whatever. But I'm not comparing the USA to some ass backwards place like China or Vietnam. I'm comparing it to some normal industrialized countries in the same category. Then the rest of you are going to say some junk like Well then if you hate it here so much go work over there...blah blah blah.... which is the last resort losers rebutle. So, before someone says something dumb like that let me say, I am from here and I would like to bring about some change in MY country that helps workers. Perhaps, you don't care...I don't know. But a lot of people seem to subscribe to that, well I'm OK so screw everyone else attitude that is getting us into this mess.

    Now as far as small businesses go. I've helped many small business try to survive as an employee. I have to admit the best treatment usually was at a small business. But the small businesses don't get much breaks either. We saw a very profitable small business go under even though we all pitched in and worked like mad. It just was not fiscally feasible with the taxes, health insurance costs, rent, software licensing, hardware costs, overheads and everything else. So that boss/friend of mine ended up at a corporation getting ramshafted.

    I understand there are pressures that come from above that cause business to be the way it is. But this is a political issue and the Government is not conducive to small business nor employees. It is condusive to large scale corporations and screwing employees. Look at Walmart that externalizes everything...with employees that use medicare and welfare. They externalize their medical coverage and that gets passed on to taxpayers. They externalize their minimum wage with welfare, HUD, WIC, and other services.

    This is the reality that many Americans are living with. And still people claim that workers have a choice. You don't have a choice when you are stuck with kids, no other job to go to, no money to move, and if you are on benefits it is impossible to bring about change. Try telling your case worker you quit your job because you could not stand being treated like a slave. Ha ha ha. You people have no idea what you are talking about, yet you see more and more homeless people and the country going to hell. Totally ironic... the argument of blinded ignorance. As far as those who are going to say something stupid like why not work overseas if it better then; well, that is exactly what I am working on doing as we speak since the jobs here pay like crap now, treat the employees like crap now and there are very few anyway. As far as the education issue someone mentioned; Good point, that's why I was not educated in the USA...born here...but not educated here. Anyway, all I can say now is I hope all of you who have never experienced this sort of nightmare in the workplace never have to. But, with the ignorance going around I'd be careful if I were you because it is that ignorance that is breeding these conditions and as these conditions spread like a cancer in our society you might just one day wake up and find yourself in this type of situation and you will be eating crow (if you can catch one).

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    All I can say is, hairlip you are right on. Dude, your mentality is so common today it makes me want to retch! And dude, you better suck it up and keep your job, because if you come into my office unemployed, you will leave unemployed. I don't create jobs just to give people those jobs; I create jobs to provide products and services to my paying customers, and to make a profit. I am guessing to you, profit would be a bad word?

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    Translated: I will work you to death if you are willing. Stop fighting for your own interests. They do not matter. Only profit matters. All profit is mine.


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    So if I get this right, you want the government to help address issues, for which cause it has already set up a department which functions horribly? Welcome to the government. Want some government health care, too?

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    I'm not real sure what you're referring to in that statement.

    I would guess that because I don't support the suck it up crowd, I'm guilty of calling upon government to answer all.

    Is that about right?

  17. Comment


    That really wasn't the message that i wanted to convey. I can't stand "whiners" and "slackers." It was made clear to anyone I've ever supervised that neither would be tolerated. So don't waste anyone's time by taking a job and think it's ok just to show up. Otherwise, all that is expected is a good days output for a good days pay.

  18. Comment


    Somehow "very profitable" and "not fiscally feasible" don't compute when applied to the same small business.

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    if they did stop the abuse of people who are on salaries they would have to pay the military more.

    Most of the enlisted put in more than 70 hours a week....

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    The military is not a regular job.

    Personally, I like the idea Heinlein presented in "Starship Troopers" (the book, not the movie): you can't vote unless and after you serve (not necessarily in the military). And you can't hold a government job unless you can vote.