Stop spamming this site birth certificate requests

Create ONE entry and tell all your buddies to vote that ONE up. It will make a better statement than you frequent, redundant posting.


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  1. Comment

    Seems to me that THAT problem is unlikely to go away as long as the requests, whether they be in one thread or many, are being ignored. Until then, this website which is supposed to be about transparency will be viewed as nothing but a hypocritical joke.

  2. Comment
    josh ( Idea Submitter )

    Come to the table with real facts and evidence, not just fanciful speculation. Grown-ups in here.

  3. Comment

    That is what is being requested... Real facts and evidence of his natural birth... rather than a short form birth certificate which proves nothing as to where he was born.

  4. Comment

    I think they may have a point. The birth certificate suggestions are being deleted. What was dominating the top ten a couple of days ago has been completely deleted, not combined or voted down. It seems they may have some (overheated at times) points that are directly related to the merits of the site (and many that are not). This is even more so than the Stop the Fed campaigns. Those Fed comments have nothing to do with FOIA, the 1961 certificate may.

  5. Comment

    Problem is: they're removing the posts. If the moderator of the site will leave just one of them up, then all can vote on it.

  6. Comment

    They can keep deleting posts... covering up whatever they are trying to cover up. We will not go away.. and this site will be revealed as the farse that it is.

  7. Comment
    josh ( Idea Submitter )

    These birth certificate demands are harming my country's image, and I suspect that you and others like you may actually be working for the enemies. You are clearly trying to spread negative propaganda to weaken the US.

    Prove you are an American citizen by posting your full legal name and social security number.

  8. Comment

    These two comments, from karlfeick and David Langer, just go to show how easily people are taken in -- when they wanna be.

    David Langer quotes: "...a short form is a document that certifies the existence of such certificate..."

    Read it again. No one is saying Pres Obama doesn't have a long form bc!! The certification of the existence of such certificate is NOT the same thing as being certification of the existence of such a certificate that shows US birth.

    AND "So unless you are accusing the government of Hawaii of 'lying' in the issuance of the Short Form Birth Certificate, please think again about your position." The State of Hawaii did not say they have a long form certificate for Pres Obama that proves he was born in Hawaii. they only said they HAVE a long form certificate on file -- such certificate could show his true birthplace to be anywhere.

    And karlfeick! Oh my! Angry aren't we? You're right. McCain was born in Panama, and to be sure he faced Congress with all his documentation to certify he is eligible for the office of President. Why him but not Obama? Why is Obama exempt from everything that was always considered normal and expected of everyone else? "...but who happened to be bigoted and very small-minded when it caomes to racial and ethnicity matters..." the reason for the POTUS to be a natural born citizen is a matter of national security and has NOTHING to do with racial and ethnicity matters!!! What are you thinking? And the requirement is more important today than probably any other time in our history.

  9. Comment

    what would be nice if they could institute a system like DIGG where a person could 'bury' the items. The users of this site would control the importance importance of the site contents. The site moderator would less likely be charged with being less than transparent.

    I haven't visited this site in almost a week, but i don't like what I'm seeing. I want a honest dialogue of ideas not a duplicate of what OFA/MYBO site has become.

    hey, just my opinion.

  10. Comment

    This site has been rigged so that the posts asking for Obama to support transparency by providing his own birth certificate, health records and college records are not properly counted.

    It is possible to review this site to find the most rquested ideas by scanning "Top Rated" posts.

    According to the liars running this website the most requested item has NOT been Obama;s birth certificate.

    (My email is - inlcude your email address if you want me to reply to you)

  11. Comment

    Actually, the issue is obama's lack of NATURAL BORN citizen status. There is no possibility his long form bc can confer Natural Born status. Natural Born requires birth on U.S. soil (which he may or may not have), and that both parents be citizens (which lil barry hussein cannot possibly have). His drunken daddy was never a citizen. At best the usurper is only a citizen, or a naturalized citizen. Either way he is ineligible to be president. It is time for President Biden to order the arrest of the usurper.

    As for consolidating these topic ideas under one thread, I think it would only make it easier for the censors to delete them. Reading down the list you can see post after post concerning the issue of citizenship. The word is getting out. Patriots have long sought a venue to denounce the usurper.

  12. Comment

    josh, I suspect people would settle for thread if they were assured that it would not be deleted by the moderators.

    I spread no propaganda. I do not claim to know whether Obama is a natural born citizen or not. All I can say is that I have seen no verifiable evidence either way.

  13. Comment

    It is not spamming. we are real Americans with a grave concern for our country. Why does that bother you?

  14. Comment

    jwelborn3434, The verifiable evidence is obama's own admission that his father was a British subject and Kenyan citizen when lil barry hussein was excreted into the world. Do not be so blind.

  15. Comment

    Hey help me out here, I forget what "SPAM" means. Is it,




    Sorry, there's just so much computer mumbo jumbo out there, I can't keep up.

    Hey, did you hear about that "silly" conspiracy from the people who were saying Islam loves Barry Soetoro a.k.a. (Barrack Hussein Obama,) because he is truly a muslim family member? They were calling him their messiah? Of course, all the liberals were proclaiming this was entirely silly and there was no proof? Well, is this okay, or do we need to wait until they start blowing us up in our grocery stores before you wake up?

    "A bazaar in Egypt is selling Obama-themed memorabilia heralding Obama as the new King Tutankhamun ahead of the U.S. president's upcoming visit." Watch it yourself. . . .

    But we wouldn't want to attempt to show that his closest friends are actually Americas worst enemies now would we.

  16. Comment

    Josh, the birth certificate comments are not what is harming your country or mine. What is harming this country, OUR country is the blatent disregard for the Constitution. Obama is supposively a scholar of Constitutional law. As such he should be front and center in desire to honor this document and lead by example. Instead he is spending millions (this is documented) to fight every attempt to view his legitimate full length birth certificate. As a leader, and as a man claiming to want a government of transparency, he should lead by example and show his birth certificate, show the passport on which the stamp was placed for his visit to certain Arab nations at a time when it was illegal for Americans to do so, and show his college registration info to dispel the rumors that he received scholarships and grants for being a foriegn student. For someone with nothing to hide, he is spending a lot of money to hide it!

  17. Comment

    All things presidential are US history and therefore open to all.

    I wonder what we will do when the truth does come out.

    Everything he has done will be inquestion as to it's legality.


  18. Comment


    I want to see the birth certificate...


  19. Comment
    Vote Democratic

    The "birth certificate" spam isn't an honest effort at making a request, it's a right wing propaganda technique. The right wing scum with nothing better to do that flood this site with spam are just trying to make the site useless for its intended purpose. They're freeloaders with too much time on their hands.

  20. Comment

    Dear Vote Democratic, First and formost let me say...I and others like me are NOT "freeloaders with too much time on their hands". Quite the opposite. We are the people who are working and paying the taxes for those of you who ARE freeloading off the work of others. It is off our hard work that all of the programs that the liberals keep creating and increasing are funded. It is because we are tired of busting our butts every day for 8, 10, 12 or more hours a day only to hear that the government wants to "redistribute" our "wealth" to those who are "less fortunate" that we are becoming vocal and demanding that DC show that they are in deed legally allowed to make these decisions. And that includes asking if those representing us in DC are truly eligible to do so. And bu the way, these people are not less fortunate. They are just less willing to start off at the minimum wage or lower paying job that we did and work their way through college and do their time until they are able to work their way up the economic chain. I didn't get where I am without hard work and sacrifice. And I DON"T appreciate being told that I should share what I have with the person who has chosen to not work, to not go to college, to not contribute to society. I give a lot to local charities. I give financially, with time and with goods.

    Before you call another conservative American a free-loader with too much time on their hands, I suggest you take another look at just where the money for all your liberal agenda programs come from. Trust me, you need us a whole lot more than we need any of you!

  21. Comment
    Vote Democratic

    Nope, raydene01 the massive waste of time exhibited by the membership of the cult of the birth certificate reveals to all what I've known for some time - that those who complain the loudest about freeloaders and "socialism" are in fact freeloaders themselves. They spend most of their waking hours spamming message boards all over the internet with their incessant right wing propaganda. And they talk about abuses, and honesty, yet here we see a complete abuse of the intended purpose of this site, and the advocacy of dishonest means to spread your irrational birth certificate meme. It's long resolved in the real world, but like looney beliefs about the moon landings, and alien lizards masquerading as royalty, the cult of the birth certificate will live forever in the dank recesses of the internet.