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Release Long Form Birth Certificate & Passport Records

{Reposting my idea verbatim, as it seems to have "disappeared" after receiving 179 positive votes)

Here's a novel idea: Rather than stir the pot of controversy and conspiracy, simply release to the public your actual long form birth certificate, not the "Certification of Live Birth" garbage. And while you're at it, release the passport records in regard to Indonesia. Your actions thus far are at best translucent, not even close to transparent.


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  1. Comment
    tilapia2006 ( Idea Submitter )

    (Not only am I reposting my idea, since it mysteriously vanished, but I am posting here also, all of the original comment dialogue as archived in the order posted, for posterity)

    susan - 2 days ago

    This is looking like the most idiotic and least transparent administration ever.

    dandapper111 - 2 days ago!.thtml

    The birth certificate posted on FatCheck and other various sites are forgeries.

    jparchery02 - 2 days ago

    there seams to be no problem releasing classifide info from Gitmo but you refuse to release your long form birth certificate, please dont bore me with the live birth certificate I have one of them and I was not born in Hawaii, instead you have hired 3 compleat law firms and spent millions to hide your B C, passport records and school records we are not all mindless school kids who think your our savior


    npkw - 2 days ago

    I have viewed the Certificate of Live Birth online that people assume is verification.  It is not a Birth Certificate. Any one of us can acquire a similar document just to verify we had a "live birth."  It is not the actual birth certificate an attending physician signed. Our government officials well know this and should have long ago released the actual birth certificate (not Certificate of Live Birth). If nothing is wrong, why continue to hide it and spend over one million in legal fees, as they have so far, to "hide the original" Birth Certificate? Why has the  Governor of Hawaii stated she "viewed" it, rather than release it? Are they simply buying time so as to perfect a fake one? To destroy travel and education records forever that prove something they want to hide?  What is  Transparency?

    I never cease to be amazed that Americans do not think this as important. Americans no longer care for truth, they prefer to embrace what they "want to hear." I am surprised that any President would desire to hide his original records and be allowed to do so!

    Travel, organizational affiliations, Birth and Educational records, of elected officials are to be open books.  We elect these people and need to first know about their life, lest we elect an imposter. We have an American responsibility. This is fact,not rumor.

    info - 1 day ago

    There appears a concerted effort to vote down single payer. conservatives have invaded this web site and have registered on jun 1 and voted single payer actions listed on this web site. they appear organized. It does not appear enough that they have killed a doctor, now they want to kill single payer too. Also they have come and created bogus efforts to question the citizenship of our legitimately elected President.

    susan - 1 day ago

    "There appears a concerted effort to vote down single payer. conservatives have invaded this web site and have registered on jun 1 and voted single payer actions listed on this web site. they appear organized."

    Single payer? Can I vote against that sham idea here too? Thanks for pointing it out - I will do that now too!

    I HOPE we're getting organized! Idiots who think money grows on trees and that they can scam Americans with redistribution schemes will eventually awaken those who actually understand economics and know history! Single payer defies logic - it has not and will not work.

    info - 1 day ago

    There appears a concerted effort to vote down single payer. conservatives have invaded this web site and have registered on jun 1 and voted down single payer actions listed on this web site. They appear organized. It does not appear enough that they have killed a doctor, now they want to kill single payer too. Also they have come and created bogus efforts to question the citizenship of our legitimately elected President. The conservatives have INVADED this web site on June 1. Ban this user who created this bogus notion.

    tilapia2006 - 1 day ago

    So "info" - are you suggesting that I, as an American citizen, do not deserve the same right to be heard as you do, since I don't agree with you? Hate much? You can take you fascist ideology elsewhere. Whereas you feel validated in posting spurious, unsubstantiated claims ("legitimately elected President"), you also are so elitist that you believe my legitimate and factual concerns about the obvious birth certificate cover-up are merely "bogus" and I should be banned. Not only that, seeing as how you have no rational or cogent counter argument, you resort to weak-minded argumentum ad hominem and make libelous and derogatory statements like, "they have killed a doctor" in an attempt to lump all of your opponents together under an evil umbrella. That's weak - very weak, and you know it. Why don't you exercise some logic and reason, and then come back to post something of substance, rather than just throw a hissy fit over the fact that - gasp! - lots of people disagree with you. Word to the wise: Your communist mindset of "silence the opposition" will not bode well for you. It will only expose your true elitist intentions and awaken multitudes to the farce you try to pass off.

    StrangeTruth - 1 day ago

    The United States Library of Congress has selected

    for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials

    This informative site presents the most historically accurate, legally correct and genuinely unbiased credible explanation of the eligibility issue I have found, following several months of studious searching for accurate clarification, of what I now regretfully regard as an illegal usurpation of the office of the President of the United States of America.

    Obviously calling onto question the constitutional eligibility of a sitting president is a serious matter, however our president is not above the rule of law. The Constitution is our greatest protection from abusive government. Throughout the history of mankind, political power has frequently been seized irrespective of the will of the governed, often violently. Perhaps owing to our imperfect nature, totalitarianism has more often been the rule, rather than the exception.

    Our Constitution as first envisioned and ultimately realized by the benefits of both pen and sword, was founded as a heart felt invention of necessity by men so deathly tired of oppression, that they determined despite any cost, to establish our Constitutional Republic. With the Constitution, our Founding Father's planted a seed in soil richly nourished in blood, that with similar courage United States citizens might forever more be able to exercise their God given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in at least one free and just nation upon the face of the earth.

    Respectfully, a Vet.

    The Constitution still matters,

    but only for as long as 'we the people, by continuing to support and defend it, say so!

    The Constitution will protect the citizens for as long as the citizens protect the Constitution.

    Please consider the following:

    Especially this particular page:

    herself333 - 1 day ago

    We want Obama's original birth certificate.  Stop playing like he's shown it, he hasn't. Simple, show it.

    tb1016 - 1 day ago

    Get used to saying, "Heil, Obama!"..............

    chad.laston - 1 day ago

    There is absolutely no reason that people should still question this issue Mr. Obama. All of your records should be released. As a man with nothing to hide, as a man that has promised the most open administration there is no reason to not make these open to the public. When you decided to run for the president you made all aspects of your life public interest and your qualifications must be made public record. You cloud your own presidency and dishonor your service by helping keep the 'conspiracy' alive. Its situations like this that force a man to use logic and common sense to come to a conclusion and the conclusion that I come to is that there is something to hide. Prove us all wrong sir.

    pepper4000 - 22 hours ago

    America is beginning to see the truth. If Obama had nothing to hide, he would have produced the documents before the election. He needs to answer these questions once and for all. They are not going away. These questions are really starting to make sense to more and more people. Man up.

    info - 22 hours ago

    You Republiklan party cyberterrorists have the right to express your opinions, but you don't have the right as an organized group from say Frei Republik or some other Right Wingow forum to come to a government site and sabotage the site with hundreds of very similar topics about the xistence of the President's birth certificate. We realize why you're doing this, to obstruct government business. I would not find it surprising if your names haven't gotten sent to the FBI cyberterrorist units for placing hundreds of topics about Barack Obama's birth certificate. Most of you right wing zombies just registered today Jun 1 and have done cybervandalism and cyberterrorism. I don't want to see you go to GITMO. The government should send you Republiklan party members to Alcatraz instead while awaiting trial for cyberterrorism. Enjoy your freedom while you can, then off to Alcatraz with you right wing terrorists.

    The GOPranos have created the climate for the killing of Dr. Tiller. They repeatedly called 4 an end to a legal medical procedure. Now their cyberterrorists have come to this opengov site to kill open discussion and flood this site with several hundreds of entries about the birth certificate of Barack Obama. Remove this above entry and ban the user who posted it.

    tilapia2006 - 20 hours ago

    Again, "info" - Take your communist ideology elsewhere. You obviously have no argument, hence the hate-filled name calling. Cyberterrorists? Please! Grow up kid. Calling people who disagree with you "cyberterrorists" doesn't automatically make it such. You've been reading too much Harry Potter. Did it ever occur to you, that we all have legitimate concerns about the birth certificate issue? Just because your view is the extremist minority view, doesn't mean that those of us expressing OUR concerns are invalid, or some sort of "cyber-vandalism" or "cyber-terrorism."

    I'm surprised you're so adoring of Bush's fear-mongering tactics. It says volumes about you, that you want anyone who disagrees with you to be sent to imprisonment, constitution and due process be damned. Why can't you simply present a cogent argument for your position? You're just a trouble maker, with nothing intelligent to say. Like I said before, your communist ideology of "silence the opposition" just reveals the pathetic character you are. Rather than cherish American freedom and values, you prefer totalitarian rule where all who disagree with you are eliminated. You freakin Nazi. And no one is here to "obstruct government business." What an asinine and hyper-alarmist piece of hyperbolic drivel.

    You have made no cogent argument for your viewpoint, no logical counterpoints, and have posited no realistic debate points. All you have done is demand that anyone who disagrees with you be banned and silenced, and since you have no rational thing to say you do nothing but throw out argumentum ad hominem and vacuous hate speech. Your intolerance and bigotry are profound. If you can't grow up and act like an adult, then just go back to your communist forums and leave this very important discussion to those of us (on both sides) who actually care about this country and having intelligent discussion. Now go ahead and get lost, okay?

    darrelmulloy - 21 hours ago

    So INFO, let's see if I got this right. If all of us right wing nuts are asking a legitimate question that has not been answered since the primary season, we are going to be subject to a terrorist investigation; is that right?

    The media watchdogs were asleep all through the campaign season. This is not a new issue, it was brought up long ago and never answered. McCain's citizenship was questioned and vetted by the media, but Obama's was questioned but not vetted and even fought by every legal avenue to conceal. Those who quote the Snopes site or Factcheck fail to mention that those documents they verify are not the long form birth certificate. There is also the question of the passport used in 1980 to visit Pakistan and the concealment of school records. Inquiring minds want to know.

    mail2me - 18 hours ago

    President Obama rightly campaiged for openness and transparency in government and politics, shouting we need change from the rooftops.

    He stated that he would be different from the Bush Republicans who were honest and open.

    Since then he has spent hundreds of thousands of public donations to avoid showing his long form birth certificate to the people of the USA.

    Until he shows his Long Form Birth certificate he comes across as a Liar and a fraud, hence the growing public agitation over the issue.

    Its a matter of integrity and honestly over hypocrisy.

  2. Comment

    It shouldn't be all that difficult; if I need to produce my birth certificate, which is a requirement for all us proles if we want to get a passport, all I need to do is reach into my desk drawer. If ordinary citizens must prove who they are just to travel outside the country, how much more important is it for an applicant for the highest office in the land to do so?

  3. Comment
    tilapia2006 ( Idea Submitter )

    Exactly! If my citizenship was in question even the slightest, I could put it to rest within 5 minutes by showing my original LONG FORM birth certificate. Either Obama is hiding something or he has a mental disorder rendering him incapable of grasping this concept.

  4. Comment

    This site has been rigged so that the posts asking for Obama to support transparency by providing his own birth certificate, health records and college records are not properly counted.

    It is possible to review this site to find the most rquested ideas by scanning "Top Rated" posts.

    According to the liars running this website the most requested item has NOT been Obama;s birth certificate.

    (My email is - inlcude your email address if you want me to reply to you)