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Recall Nancy Pelosi now!

No need to wait for 2010 election, Californians know how to do the petitions for recall. You have done it for Governor, let's get this on the “Fast Track” (as Nancy likes to say) it just can't wait! Get the petitions ready for the 4th of July weekend. Signatures will be easy to collect at TEA parties.

I'm sure there are some other states that are able to Recall their Representatives and or Senators too.

Then we can see how the rest of the others with their “Socialist Agenda” behave.


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  1. Comment

    Stop her lies, inject more Botox in her lips!

  2. Comment

    All of America should have a say in her Impeaching/Recalling Nancy Pelosi since she is 2nd inline to be Prez and we can not have a Liar for Prez. Never mind, bad argument, we already have one...

  3. Comment
    jonhenry78 ( Idea Submitter )

    The original post is valid, Californians of the 8th district are the ones who can sign pettition for recall. It does not automaticlly remove from office until the election called for takes place. Usually about 4 months. As I said getting the pettitions ready for 4th of July weekend when the TEA parties are going on will collect more than enough signatures. State offices should have answers on forms and number of signatures required.

    In case you have not guessed I am a Native of California but I had the good sense to leave 30 years ago, same time I took my "Oath to support and Defend the Constitution".

  4. Comment

    Oh, my faith in my birth state will be much greater if this could be pulled off.