Federal Advisory Committees

President’s Open Government Advisory Committee

The Committee shall consist of members appointed by the President, including representatives of media organizations; nonprofit groups using government data; nonprofit groups supporting government transparency; academic researchers; and information-technology firms.

The Committee shall provide the Office of Chief Technology Officer with expert, independent advice on increasing public access to Federal government information using information technology.

(Loosely based on:

President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee http://www.nitrd.gov/pitac/

Clinton executive order: http://www.nitrd.gov/pitac/exec-orders/19970211_exec_order.html)


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  1. Comment
    Laurence Jarvik

    I like the idea, plus Senators like to have some "Plums" to hand out, so the committee needs at least 100 members (of whom about 10 would be active) from the top echelon of IT, media, academy...and freelancers interested in the topic...

  2. Comment

    And ALL of them collecting HIGH remuneration, including the non participatory members!! Perhaps the "Messiah" could be on it too, and his wife Mary Magdalane. And His Kenyan family as well. Typical Sotero Idea.