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Mandatory Retirement Age for Government Employees

Establish mandatory retirement age for civil servants, say 65. Absolutely essential employees can be retained as contractors.


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  1. Comment

    So the experience and knowledge of these people can be discarded, or paid for at a much higher premium as a contractor?

    I'm 27, grew up around D.C., and I think this is a bad idea.

    If these older fed workers can't do a job as well as a younger or different employee, then reassign or replace them. There is a lot of ambition in D.C., and at 65 it seems like there's not much further to go... these folks likely care about doing a good job, damned the political interests that want them to fudge the work. Whereas a younger upstart might just see their position as a step n the path to somewhere 'greater.'

  2. Comment

    Thirty and out!! I think government workers should be treated like the talented auto workers. Forced retirement at thirty years so the government can hire cheaper wage earners. No life long medical care, when your forced to retire your medically care is up to you to pay for. Pray that when it's time for you to retire that your 401k is still in tact.