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Make Obama's Birth Certificate into a New Category

Since there is obviously a large number of posts regarding Mr. Obama's birth certificate, please make that into a new category in the left hand column.


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    Good idea, do something with them.

  2. Comment

    One that doesn't include in "all categories" so those of us trying to actually contribute can ignore them.

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    It's being done right now - under a hidden category "Pending moderator approval" - in other words, they are being flagged for deletion!

    All the top-voted eligibility entries have been scrubbed. My entry had about 100 votes before it disappeared.

    So much for open government!

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    I agree with you make it a new category to be TRANSPARENT, what are THEY afraid of, TRUTH? My daughter was born in Hawaii and she has a short and Long form Birth Certificate, the Short form tells nothing except that she was born, not where and when. Why the secrecy and bully actions, will they also run down any dissenting views or anyone that questions them, WOW.

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    Barry, you will be exposed soon enough. Where are your college records and papers? Where is your proof of being a naturual born citizen? Where are your senate records from Illinois? Where is your real and valid selective service registration form? What passport did you use to travel to Pakistan?

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    Mr. Obama: You're Application for a Postion as President of U.S. is Incomplete

    doctor2 a few seconds ago Revise Flag

    Vote Accepted

    1To Mr. Obama: Before we can offer you the job of President of the USA, we, like many employers, must see an offical copy of your high school & college transcripts and other academic records. This would include transcripts from all colleges & schools attended by you. In order to be certain of your citizenship status we need to see your passport, green card or birth certificate. This must be an offical long form version of your birth certificate which would have been filed by the health department shortly after your birth. I want to see Mr. Obama's long form birth certificate and his accadmeic records from elementary school attended outside of the US in Indonesia and Occidental College & Columbia Univestiy as well and also his passport. His college transcripts should be submitted, as we the people, are his employer and employers often ask for these items. Proof of citizenship, proof of academic completion. If he fails to produce these documents we could charge him with lying on his application for the job as President. By the Way, the certificate version stamped form 2007 which was submitted online and posted on the stop the smears website is unacceptable. I cannot accept this version from any client I work with in social services and I cannot accpet this version from anyone who wants to apply for the highest office in the USA. You will have a deadline by which these documants must be submitted and authenticated before WE the People can accept. That deadline is 30 days from this date (6/2/09). Failure to produce these documents will drastically impede your ability to run for elected office in the USA again. Thank you and God bless.

    Why Is This Idea Important?

    Why Is This Idea Important? As stated above, failure to produce these documents will indicate Mr. Obama's ineligiblity for the job of President of the USA and will drastically affect his ability to run for any elected office in the future in the future.

    Idea # 2269Making Data More Accessible

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    David Langer

    Agreed, and a way to remove specific categories from the All section.

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    Sounds like a good idea, but the denialists wouldn't play in their own room. Making a suggestion is not the point. The point is to smear the administration whenever and wherever they can.