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All legislation being considered by Congress should be posted in full on the internet for at least 72 hours prior to a vote on that legislation.


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    In addition to legislation being considered, post all bills signed by the President on the internet in their full version. White House fact sheets are informative, but Americans should be able to read and interpret the actual bills themselves. As an attorney I can do a quick THOMAS search and then download the PDF version of the bill from the GPO webpage. It would be far simplier to provide links to all the bills on the White House webpage.

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    I think this could fall under the Citizen Portal idea. Could you upvote that as well if you think that encapsulates this idea?

  3. Comment

    Also, GOPLeader submitted the 72 hour idea as well, it is at the top of most popular

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    Nicholas Dewar

    @ Thurst: a significant difference between this idea and the idea posted by GOPLeader is that the GOPLeader's idea only refers to funding bills, whereas this one (more appropriately I think) refers to all proposed legislation.

  5. Comment

    Why only 72 hours? Anything that won't stand scrutiny shouldn't be included anyway!

  6. Comment

    Can I add that they be citable to a paragraph level as well!

    That way we can easily farm out external documentation of the legislation on the internet QUICKLY to deal with the 72 hr time frame. for the petition for the discussion

  7. Comment

    Yes, but it should be posted at LEAST one week before the vote, not 72 hours.

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    Certainly using mass review to communicate on upcoming legislation that may have complex ideas is great. I just want to ensure that all citizens have affordable access to such powerful concepts of learning.

    A standard citizen portal connection that is highly affordable, wireless and miniturized and uses extremely low amounts of power is the way forward. To combine efforts of cyber security, affordability and wireless connectivity into a single device is a significant strategy that will be a cornerstone that when combined with other great ideas mentioned on this site and elsewhere will have no equal for years to come.

  9. Comment
    Troll Hunter

    Seems 72 hours posted is a good stepping stone to a full week long review. Right now we're not even getting the 72 hours.

    Baby steps. Looks like Bohner posted a similar topic, flagged as duplicate..

  10. Comment

    wasn't this already promised during the presidential campaign?

  11. Comment

    Yes, it was a promise!

    Hong Kong publishes important upcoming legislation on the web, and advertise on TV on prime time and keep open for public comments for at least a month.

    Had this type of practice been available, Geithner and others, wouldn't have been able to snick in the reconciled version of the stimulus package which contained for the first time the Executive Bonus Compensation Section (Title VII of Section B).

    Most legislation gets passed after a lot of chatter by the two houses, based on opinion and pushed or stopped by special interests, often behind closed doors, not for the public interest, or with its support.

    I think my proposition for "Funding New Ideas Pilots" can help this and other good ideas get off the ground, because it is a means to fund the implementation of good ideas. The costs would be minimal for pilots, and it would prove or disprove the workability, and with proven workability it would be difficult many legislators to stand against them for permanent addition to the law.

  12. Comment

    Why just 72 hours? I think it should be more than that.

    Do you go out and look for a house and just make a decision in 72 hours? If you're smart, probably not. It should be longer, at least a week, but preferrably longer. Why such the rush? That's the problem we're in already... we rushed too much through recently because it was a "crisis" instead of thinking it through and making the best (no the fastest) solution.

  13. Comment

    It is, just go to or All legislation is posted in full online within 72 hours after being introduced, usually at least a week or two before voting. If you jad ever spent half a minute looking for it then you wouldn't have wasted space on this website.