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Is this site for others besides myself to navigate?

Is it just me? I'm not overly computer smart, but I'm having a difficult time navigating this site.

When I leave for a few hours, I come back and I don't know which topics I've been involved in because there's so many new ones that appeared while I was gone. I then find myself going there every topic finding conversations that I was involved in with others.

Also it appears that after a several-hour period the topics that were like from yesterday are so many pages back that they are no longer of interest to people, but if you put up the topic again it really is justifed as being a duplicate.

Can someone tell me an easier way to navigate this or is this just how it is?

I would appreciate your comments.


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    If you go to your profile it will show where you've left comments.

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    csrbev ( Idea Submitter )

    Lady, thank you. I just found that. It makes it easier.

    But this is definitely a tough site would to navigate. I'm hearing, though, that the purpose of the site has come and gone.

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    So if I agree the site is difficult to navigate, do I vote up or down? Reminds me of a tricky ballot. I've been on here an hour and the main topic along with a deluge of dupes is obama's bc.

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    It's run by the current admin. I would not expect an efficiently run system of communication, nor how to locate. Just get back on and go look for what you where looking for you will find it. If you vote on it they usually email it to you that just depends.