Hostile takeovers should be illegal


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Very good American companies have been victims of hostile take overs.

The corporate\company CEOs, lawyers, etc. profit big time but not the company, employees, or shareholders. In towns with only a few industries the community suffers too. Huge debt can ruin them all.

When you think about it the hostile CEOs and directors have violated the corporate charter to be good citizens to that community, etc. No charge is filed. No state outrage by govenment to make it answer for the hostile take over being good or bad. It is against the law and has a huge fine.


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  1. Comment

    So, are you saying that stocks should not be able to be sold, or that stock holders should not be able to vote on who runs the company?

    Those companies are "victims" of their stock holder's self-interest: selling their stocks when the price gets high enough. Are you advocating that people cannot sell their stocks?

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    stevensje ( Idea Submitter )

    As a stock holder in the acquired company you have no say. It is a "hostile takeover" is it not?