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Gun-control is a bad idea; violates the second amendment of the Constitution; it is grossly illogical.

Viewed logically, virtually all "gun-control" legislation protects criminals, from armed victims.

Think about that for a moment. Law-abiding citizens are prevented from utilizing self-defense, and protection of life and property.

For most of last century, "gun-control" laws have been tested in America, and each and every one of them has failed miserably. Criminals, and their criminal activities have not been affected one way or another, by even the most draconian (unconstitutional) laws. The reason for their universal failure is not a mystery.

Criminals -- by definition -- do not obey laws! Even the mentally challenged can understand the validity of that fact, yet legislatures, women, and anti-gun nuts adhere to this totally illogical nonsense, as the keystone of their anti-gun rhetoric?

We used to order firearms from Sears Roebuck and Co. through their catalog. Not anymore. Depriving American citizens of that freedom, is totally disconnected from any criminal activity in the misuse of guns.

Ironically, the anti-gun nuts use the very fact that "gun-control" legislation is universally ineffective, as a rallying cry or more of the same? That is sheer lunacy! Politicians, the news media, and women nevertheless keep up the drumbeat for more "gun-control" laws?

Resend all federal gun-control laws, with one piece of legislation. All 50 states will follow suit, happily.


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    Our Constitution does recognize the need for the people to have protection from their own government that will at times of it's own choosing attempt to take unfair advantage and power over the people. The People must always have their own protection against those times.

    The right to bear arms is not limited to simple guns.

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    Speaking only of intent of our Constitution.